Revision Notes

For some classes, there will be brief revision notes available. So you'll have no excuse for not remembering what you learned the previous week. They are not really a substitute for attending classes, though, as they may make little sense if you haven't seen and tried the steps yourself. However, armed with the names of the figures, you can then look them up on YouTube etc.

Previously Collected Routines

Individual Teacher Resources

Dance Music Suggestions

There is quite a lot of ballroom music out there but you will want to be looking out for stuff which is "strict tempo" - ie the music is at the correct speed for the named dance throughout.

Beginners may do best with the deliberately simple-to-follow beats of Ross Mitchell recordings. If you find that having any singer at all is off-putting then try this stripped back waltz or percussion-only latin tracks.

Advanced dancers tend to favour the less "boring" options. Eg check out the range at WRD Music or Casa Musica. Cheap compilations of really old tracks (eg featuring Victor Silvester, Joe Loss or Cyril Stapleton) are unlikely to appeal to a young, modern audience. See also: some things you may have heard us play at General Dancing on our compilation CDs (taken from source albums the CDC owns). Or try some online examples of pop songs in dance tempos:

+ Halloween themed tracks
+ Winter / Christmas themed tracks
+ Lockdown themed tracks