CDC Revision Notes

Waltz Music Examples

Slow/English waltz has a time signature of 3/4 and a tempo somewhere near 30 bars per minute or 90 beats per minute.

You need to be able to hear the strong first beat and subsequent weaker pair of beats despite any additional rhythm, melody or harmony elements.

@24: Garden of Graves [Gloria Mulhall]
@26: The Lass Of Glenshee [Altan]
@26: Credi In Te [Patrizio Buanne]
@26: Nocturne [Secret Garden]
@27: Belladonna [Arlene Faith]
@27: The Wind Of Liudao [Jia Peng Fang]
@27: Valentine's Secret [Steve Barakatt]
@28: The Force [Elfenthal]
@30: I Wonder Why [Curtis Stigers]
@31: See The Day [Girls Aloud]
@31: Love Ain't Here Anymore [Take That]
@31: If You Don't Know Me By Now [Simply Red]
@31: Waltz for the Faithless [Peter Bradley Adams]
@31: Ninna Nanna Fiorentina [Cafe Roma Ensemble]
@31: Memory of Tomorrow [2002]
@32: Ay Isigi (MoonLight) [Burak Canozer]
@32: Lo Lanu [Lev Shelo + Corry Bell]
@33: Open Arms [Journey]
@33: The Night Rose [David Arkenstone]

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