CDC Revision Notes

Waltz Music Examples

Slow/English waltz has a time signature of 3/4 and a tempo somewhere near 30 bars per minute or 90 beats per minute.

@24: Garden of Graves [Gloria Mulhall]
@26: The Lass Of Glenshee [Altan]
@26: Credi In Te [Patrizio Buanne]
@27: Belladonna [Arlene Faith]
@27: The Wind Of Liudao [Jia Peng Fang]
@28: The Force [Elfenthal]
@30: I Wonder Why [Curtis Stigers]
@31: See The Day [Girls Aloud]
@31: Love Ain't Here Anymore [Take That]
@31: If You Don't Know Me By Now [Simply Red]
@31: Waltz for the Faithless [Peter Bradley Adams]
@32: Ay Isigi (MoonLight) [Burak Canozer]
@32: Lo Lanu [Lev Shelo + Corry Bell]
@33: Open Arms [Journey]

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