General Dancing Compilation CDs

indexdancebpmlengthCDC CD1source
01j371:51Penny WhistleRoss Mitchell
02W294:11FlyingCM Vol.22
04Q512:37Little MeCM Vol.22
05R244:17Falling Into YouCeline Dion
06T333:06Tango SupremeKen Turner
07F292:11Dream On Little DreamerBMix1/UB11
08J412:38Runaround SueUlt.Lat.1
09W292:30Are You Lonesome TonightUlt.Bal.4
10C313:12Ande Yo CalienteUlt.Lat.3
11Q521:40SugartimeCM Vol.4
12R233:47In All The Right PlacesLat.Music 2
13V602:21Waltz For The MoonBal.Fantasy
14T332:48Spider of The NightCM Vol.14
15S523:10SalomeLat.Music 2
16F293:17Livin' ThingBal.Mix 3
17J432:31Pink Shoe LacesUlt.Lat.1
18W292:19Hello MemoryCM Vol.4
19C323:20Tequila BangUlt.Lat.1
20Q522:42SkylinerCM Vol.12
21R234:02If That's What It TakesCeline Dion
22V602:30Chim Chim ChereeKlaus Hallen
23T322:24Midnight TangoBal.Mix 3
24S512:25The Laughing SambaLat.Mix 3
25F293:27MichelleBal.Mix 3
26J432:18Why Do Fools Fall In LoveUlt.Lat.1
27W293:42Theme from PapillonCM Vol.14

indexdancebpmlengthCDC CD2source
01K361:54This Country's RockingRoss Mitchell
02W282:17Lost In The DarknessBal.Passion
03C322:31Quien Sera (Sway)Ult.Lat.1
04Q502:11Grim, Grinning GhostsBal.Passion
06V531:40Wonderful CopenhagenRoss Mitchell
07T322:37Tomo Y ObligoBal.Mix 1
08F283:04When Love Says GoodnightBal.Mix 1
09J432:05TequilaLat.Mix 3
10W293:08Crazy WorldBal.Mix 1
11C313:39Let's Get LoudLat.Music 2
12Q512:52Jungle RhythmBal.Passion
13R223:42VolverasGloria Estefan
14V602:38Autumn In ParisBal.Fantasy
15T323:28Tango D'AmourCM Vol.12
17F293:01A Nightingale Sang In ...Ult.Bal.2
18J432:36I Got A GirlLat.Music 2
19W282:59Cherie, I Love YouCM Vol.16
20C313:05TentacionLat.Mix 3
21Q521:34As Long As I'm SingingCM Vol.4
22R224:27No La Culpes A EllaLat.Mix 3
23V582:27Annie's SongCM Vol.22
24T322:12The Big DateBal.Passion
25S523:31Mambo TropicalUlt.Lat.1
26F293:11Swingin' On A StarBal.Passion
27J432:24Little Bitty Pretty OneCM Vol.1
28W272:47He Was BeautifulCM Vol.16

indexdancebpmlengthCDC CD3source
01j372:50King Of The New York StreetsUlt.Lat.3
02W302:43Under The Bridges Of ParisUlt.Bal.2
03C303:47SmoothLat.Music 2
04Q502:20That's A PlentyUlt.Bal.4
05R242:40Love Theme from SupermanKlaus Hallen
06V522:18Once Upon A DecemberBal.Swing
07T322:32Tango MisteriosoUlt.Bal.4
08F292:16Sam, You Made The Pants ...Bal.Fantasy
09J402:12Hit The Road JackUlt.Lat.3
10W293:34The Godfather WaltzUlt.Bal.4
12Q523:01The Lady Is A TrampBal.Mix 3
13R243:09And I Love You SoKlaus Hallen
14V592:37The Count Of LuxembourgBal.Mix 5
15T322:58A La Gran MunecaBal.Mix 3
16S512:00Quand Tu ChantesRoss Mitchell
17F292:23You're Nobody Until Somebody...Ult.Bal.4
18J423:00WhyLat.Mix 3
19W293:09Theme from SunshineBal.Fantasy
20C313:40Ay MujerUlt.Lat.3
21Q502:03Second ChanceCM Vol.22
22R243:21PeopleKlaus Hallen
23V521:53The Royal WaltzBal.Mix 1
24T333:22Ole GuapaUlt.Bal.2
25S523:44MacarenaCM Vol.1
26F292:27Fit As A FiddleBal.Fantasy
27K432:21Long Tall SallyUlt.Lat.3
28W282:46It All Seems To Fall Into LineBal.Mix 1

indexdancebpmlengthCDC CD4source
01j361:56Bye Bye LoveRoss Mitchell
02W283:07Appalachian LullabyCM Vol.22
03C293:34Dance With MeLat.Music 3
04Q512:45Too Hot To HoldCM Vol.16
05R254:07Bano De LunaLat.Mix 3
06V531:40Hello Young LoversRoss Mitchell
07T322:10Mucho TangoBal.Class.4
09J443:35What A SurpriseKlaus Hallen
11C312:25Boom BoomLat.Music 3
12Q511:50Man WantedCM Vol.16
13R244:29Where Did Our Love GoLat.Mix 3
14V592:10Theme from PapillonBal.Swing
15T322:24Tango Delle RoseUlt.Bal.5
16S523:09Para BailarCM Vol.1
17F292:20Speaking Of HappinessUlt.Bal.4
18J442:36Everybody Needs SomebodyKlaus Hallen
19W293:47Theme from RudyCM Vol.22
20C312:53I Like YouLat.Music 3
21Q502:14Around The WorldUlt.Bal.4
22R243:50Tell Me WhyLat.Music 2
24T333:11La CarmencitaUlt.Bal.4
25S512:09Eso BesoLat.Mix 3
26F282:31I Got A Fortune In DreamsUlt.Bal.4
27K442:47Hot PatootieKlaus Hallen
28W293:22Flying DreamsCM Vol.22

indexdancebpmlengthCDC CD5source
01j371:52Muskrat RambleRoss Mitchell
02W294:23Deja De LlorarBal.Passion
03C313:29Mucho MamboLat.Music 2
04Q512:36I Wanna Be Like YouCM Vol.16
05R253:25If That Were MeLat.Music 3
06V591:58After The BallUlt.Bal.4
07F283:02One Day At A TimeCM Vol.22
08J422:42Reet PetiteCM Vol.1
09W272:26Romeo & Juliet Love ThemeUlt.Bal.2
10C313:11Get The Party StartedLat.Music 4
11Q512:53New Vienna WoodsCM Vol.16
12R253:33Buy Me A RoseLat.Music 3
13V582:26Magic WaltzBal.Class.4
14T322:40Olympic Gold TangoCM Vol.22
15S503:32Cantinero De CubaCM Vol.1
16F292:47There Will Never Be ...Ult.Bal.4
17J442:24Trickle TrickleUlt.Lat.3
18W293:09The Music Of Your SoulCM Vol.22
19C323:14Todo Todo TodoUlt.Lat.1
20Q512:34Anchors AweighUlt.Bal.2
21R253:57You're My EverythingGiants Of Latin
22V602:16Out Of My DreamsCMV14|U.B.2
23T332:35Luna RossaU.B.2|CMV14
24S503:24Por AmorUlt.Lat.1
25F293:10Careless LoveBal.Mix 1
26J442:51Zoot Suit RiotLat.Music 2

indexdancebpmlengthCDC CD6source
01W302:21LullabyRoss Mitchell
02C293:46TragedyLat.Music 4
03Q502:08The ProposalBal.Elegance
04R263:35Fields Of GoldOur Latin Music
05T322:20Sobre El MarBal.Magic
06j361:59Hide Nor HairRoss Mitchell
07F292:16Take My Love, Take My LoveBal.Swing
08S502:35Coeur De LoupRoss Mitchell
09W303:07Hushabye MountainBal.Magic
10C302:50Loco In AcapulcoC.F.D. 2
11Q502:50Walking On SunshineC.F.D. 2
12R253:36CallingLat.Music 4
13T322:50La Prueba FacilBal.Fantasy
14J402:10If You Were The Only Girl...Ult.Lat.10
15F293:32MoondanceC.F.D. 1
16S513:04Mi Chico LatinoLat.Music 2
17V552:13At The Canals Of AmsterdamBal.Magic
18*293:52The Rhythm Of The NightDeBarge
19W293:22Recuerdos De AlhambraUlt.Bal.2
20C313:57No Quiero Verte MasUlt.Lat.1
21Q502:33Part Time LoverC.F.D. 6
22R252:43Something StupidLat.Music 4
24J432:26Hit Me UpLat.Music 9
25F293:02Where The Rainbow EndsDansan 4
26S504:00Agua Dulce Agua SalaUlt.Lat.10
27V602:10The Orient ExpressBal.Magic

indexdancebpmlengthCDC CD7source
02Q502:13Ain't What You DoBal.Fant.
04C292:54EscuchameLat.Music 3
05j382:38Baby Come BackPais Trop.
06F293:22I Can't DanceBal.Eleg.
08R233:04Cuando Seas MiaLat.Music 4
09S502:48Festa De Um PovoPais Trop.
10W292:34Sunrise, SunsetCM Vol.14
11Q512:48Swing It, Baby!Bal.Fant.
12T322:14Lejos De TiBal.Magic
13C303:13FinallyDanceLife 13
14J402:42Wrapped AroundLat.Music 4
15F293:25Getting On The StepBal.Pass.
16V562:24Marino WaltzBal.Pass.
17R232:50Let Me Let GoLat.Music 3
18S513:10Enamorate De MiLat.Music 9
19W293:13If I Were A PaintingUlt.Bal.10
20Q512:52King SwingBal.Pass.
21T323:29Gadgeto TangoBal.Fant.
22C313:22La BotellaPais Trop.
23J432:31Better Listen To Me NowLat.Music 3
24F281:58I Will Wait For YouBal.Class.4
25V592:24Valse LamorjanteBal.Fant.
26R253:25CanelaLat.Music 3
27S513:09El Angel Que BuscoLat.Music 3
28*451:55Charleston (= LindyHop)-

indexdancebpmlengthCDC CD8source
01W282:17Wednesdays ChildUlt.Bal.4
02Q502:1642nd StreetUlt.Bal.2
03T321:56Please Mr. BrownCM Vol.4
04C312:45Para Toda La VidaUlt.Latin 3
05j362:08Big Time OperatorUlt.Latin 11
06F292:22Dream A Little Dream Of MeUlt.Bal.2
07v532:28Under Paris SkiesUlt.Bal.5
08RC262:56No Me Vuelvo A EnamorarUlt.Latin 3
09S503:42Pura CandelaUlt.Latin 10
10W282:30Santa LuciaUlt.Bal.4
11Q503:06Minor SwingBal.Stars 2
12T322:03Tango For StringsCM Vol.22
13C313:13De Hombre A MujerUlt.Latin 3
14J392:08Straight UpUlt.Latin 10
15F292:52You And The Night And The MusicUlt.Bal.10
16V552:26The Potter WaltzUlt.Bal.10
17R213:25Por AmorUlt.Latin 10
18S512:39Quando Quieras DejameUlt.Latin 1
19W283:09The Sun, The Sea & The SkyUlt.Bal.4
20Q512:43Shout And Feel ItUlt.Bal.4
21T323:17Sombras (Merveilleux)Ult.Bal.4
22C313:15Esta Mujer Me MataUlt.Latin 10
23J412:47(He's A) Shape In A DrapeUlt.Latin 10
24F293:19Is You Is Or Is You Ain'tUlt.Bal.5
26R254:04Que Sabes De AmorUlt.Latin 1
27SA503:34Africa BambaUlt.Latin 10
28DQ483:03Bare NecessitiesKlaus Hallen

indexdancebpmlengthCDC CD9source
01W282:58A Time For LoveCM Vol.16
02Q502:40Ibiza SwingBal.Eleg.
03T322:46EcstasyCM Vol.4
04C313:39That Don't Impress Me MuchOur L.Music
05j342:38Should I Do ItLat.Music 2
06F292:07Why Don't You Do RightBal.Class.4
07v522:09L'eau ViveBal.Mix 5
08R253:36Casi Un BoleroPais Trop.
09S512:32Baila Mi RitmoLat.Music 3
10W293:08The Singer Not The SongUlt.Bal.2
11Q501:54Yes, My Darling DaughterBal.Pass.
12T322:23SerenatellaCM Vol.22
13C313:32Cuba RumDL Mr.Lat.
14K412:26Runaway BabyBruno Mars
15F282:28You're The BossBal.Mix 5
16V532:07MontmatreCM Vol.22
17R253:41Tal Vez Es AmorPais Trop.
18S513:40Sacando FuegoLat.Music 9
19W293:00This Nearly Was MineCM Vol.14
20Q512:55Jump ClubBal.Fant.
22C313:28Push The ButtonUlt.Latin 11
23J432:55You Shake Me UpLat.Mix 3
24F282:45Exodus SongBal.Stars 2
25V582:39One More Ride On The ...Bal.Mix 5
26R253:43I'm Not Giving You UpOur L.Music
27S513:48AmeliaLat.Music 2

indexdancebpmlengthCDC CD10source
01W292:43May Each DayCM Vol.10
02Q502:25SundayCM Vol.12
03T312:41Beauty TangoCM Vol.2
04C312:37I Like It Like ThatCM Vol.13
05j362:44Cry Just A Little BitCM Vol.13
06F292:53Cheek To CheekCM Vol.10
07v542:04LoverCM Vol.14
08R252:39RecuerdaCM Vol.13
09S502:25Do CarinhoCM Vol.13
10W282:42JerusalemCM Vol.12
11Q511:57PiccadillyCM Vol.26
12T322:40SerenataCM Vol.16
13C312:59Angel BabyCM Vol.13
14j362:28Hearts On FireCM Vol.13
15F282:36Take Me To Your Heart AgainCM Vol.16
16V592:23The Skater's WaltzCM Vol.12
17R233:09Seguire Mi ViajeCM Vol.13
18S502:54Quien Te Quiera Como YoLat.Mix 3
19W293:40TodayCM Vol.14
20Q512:39Mountain GreeneryCM Vol.14
21T323:12Pearl FishersCM Vol.26
22C313:31Americana AmericanaCM Vol.13
23J402:36Shakin' Like A LeafCM Vol.13
24F292:38Getting To Know YouCM Vol.14
25V592:38Lucky's WaltzCM Vol.22
26R222:42You've Got A FriendCM Vol.1
27S513:33Baila, Baila ConmigoLat.Mix 5
28W282:46Tip Of My FingersCM Vol.2
29Q521:46Paddlin' Madelin' HomeCM Vol.12

indexdancebpmlengthCDC CD11source
01W282:44My CherieCM Vol.4
02Q513:08Is You Is Or Is You Ain'tCM Vol.26
03T302:04El ChocloCM Vol.4
04C292:35Declaration Of LoveC.Dion
05J392:19Stuff Like That ThereB.Midler
06F302:22King Of The RoadCM Vol.2
07v542:16Tulips From AmsterdamCM Vol.12
08R263:27TrueKH Lat.1
09S503:44Make You HappyC.Dion
10W292:55Funny Familiar Forgotten FeelingsCM Vol.12
11Q512:31Love Me In The DaytimeCM Vol.10
12T322:45JealousyCM Vol.12
13C313:08O El Cha ChaCM Vol.1
14J432:04Yesterday's HeroStrictly B.
15F282:51Warm & WillingCM Vol.16
16v542:17Windmill In Old AmsterdamCM Vol.4
17R242:55Save The Best For LastAndy Ross
18S502:50La Montana De ImittosDL Mr.Lat.
19W282:18TammyCM Vol.16
20Q512:13Together Wherever We GoCM Vol.26
21T322:36Un Violon Dans La NuitCM Vol.26
22C323:17Fire And IceKH Lat.1
23K382:33Crocodile RockElton John
24F293:41Cold Cold HeartCM Vol.4
25V592:18You Will Remember ViennaCM Vol.26
26R222:51Speak Softly LoveAndy Ross
27S523:04Under The SeaKH Lat.1
28C322:37Ever And NeverKH Lat.1
29F292:06I Hadn't Anyone Till YouCM Vol.12

indexdancebpmlengthCDC CD12source
01W292:56More Than LoveBlackpool
02Q492:08Sing Sing SingBlackpool
03T312:14Whispering TangoBlackpool
05R262:42Le PlayaBlackpool
06C312:11Isn't This A Lovely DayBlackpool
07j362:16Leroy BrownBlackpool
08W292:20Waltz Of My HeartBlackpool
09Q502:20Bring Me SunshineBlackpool
10F292:22I Won't Send RosesBlackpool
11V521:56Waltzing In The CloudsSydney Thompson
12R252:47Woman In LoveBlackpool
14J422:22Let's KickBlackpool
15W292:26Play Fiddle PlayBlackpool
16Q502:30Strike Up The BandBlackpool
17T312:16Tango 65Blackpool
20C312:14Call Me Irresponsible | Green EyesBlackpool
21j362:27Lester Leaps InBlackpool
22W292:25The Desert SongBlackpool
23Q502:41Too Close For ComfortBlackpool
24F292:27Don't Tell A SoulBlackpool
25V521:57The Belle Of New YorkSydney Thompson
26R262:41Colours Of My LifeBlackpool
28J432:12Keep It Movin'Blackpool
29W292:25Goodnight My LoveBlackpool
32R262:42Cuban Love SongBlackpool
33C312:12Something StupidBlackpool

indexdancebpmlengthCDC CD13source
01W282:48The Girl From PetrovkaBal.Mix 1
02Q502:40Sing Sing SingBal.Mix 1
03F282:24It Makes No DifferenceBal.Mix 1
04V582:33Trennungswalzer Op.19Bal.Mix 1
05T312:53La CumparsitaBal.Mix 1
06S502:23Tambores Del SurLat.Mix 3
07R253:40Bendito AmorLat.Mix 3
08C312:23El Diablo Anda SueltoLat.Mix 3
09J432:28Night OwlsLat.Mix 3
10W282:39Garden Of GravesBal.Stars 2
11Q502:10Leader Of The Big Time BandBal.Stars 2
12F282:32Mean To MeBal.Stars 2
13V592:25The Minute WaltzBal.Stars 2
14T322:33Addio, Donna GraziaBal.Mix 1
15S513:35Una Y Otra VezLat.Mix 5
16R242:54Mi Buen AmorGloria Estefan
17C312:54CandelaLat.Mix 3
18J432:09Gotta Get On This TrainUlt.Lat.11
19W293:08River LullabyBal.Magic
20Q512:06Go Big DaddyBal.Fantasy
21F282:46Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From MeBal.Mix 5
22V582:25Angel (Angyalok Keringoje)Bal.Mix 5
23T322:31Tango RusseBal.Mix 1
24S513:57ToreroLat.Mix 5
25R263:48Time After TimeStrictly Bal.
26C313:08Rie Y LloraLat.Mix 3
27J432:01Wrong Lake To Catch A FishLat.Mix 5
28W284:30The ForceBal.Stars 2

indexdancebpmlengthCDC CD14source
02Q502:37Pet Me PoppaBal.Mix 3
03F292:47Anything GoesBal.Mix 3
05T332:07You And The Night And The MusicRoss Mitchell
06S502:54La ColegiolaKlaus Hallen
07R254:12LiberateLat.Mix 3
08C302:53Para AlcanzarteLat.Mix 3
09j362:08Five Months, Two WeeksLat.Mix 3
10W293:20SleepsongCM Vol.26
11Q502:05You Do Something To MeBal.Magic
12F292:13Raindrops Keep Falling On My HeadCM Vol.2
13V602:17That's AmoreCM Vol.26
15S513:14Whenever, WhereverLat.Music 4
16R233:50Con Cada BesoLat.Mix 3
17C313:24Y BailoLat.Mix 3
18J432:19Swing RhapsodyUlt.Lat.10
19W292:38Yearning For YouUlt.Bal.10
20Q512:24Life Goes To A PartyBal.Magic
21F292:21I've Got You Under My SkinBal.Stars 2
22V592:10The Melba WaltzUlt.Bal.10
23T323:19Adios Pampa MiaUlt.Bal.5
24S513:00Amar AmarLat.Mix 5
25R243:52Llorar Por DentroLat.Mix 5
26C313:03ClocksLat.Music 9
27J432:47No MercyLat.Music 3
28W293:36Love Ain't Here AnymoreDanceLife 13

indexdancebpmlengthCDC Retrosource
01W293:07Three Times A LadyMotown
02Q482:43You Can't Hurry LoveMotown
03F302:43Let There Be LoveNat King Cole
04C303:09I Heard It Through The GrapevineMotown
05R262:58I Just CalledMotown
07S503:16Dancing QueenC.F.D. 6
08W302:22Dancing Like LoversRoss Mitchell
09T332:11Golden TangoAndy Ross
10Q511:59Stepping Out With My BabyRoss Mitchell
11C302:32You Should Be DancingC.F.D. 8
12J432:28Cha ChaLat.Music 9
13F302:17You Belong To MeRoss Mitchell
14v502:54End Of The RoadMotown
15R263:13The Wind Beneath My WingsRoss Mitchell
16j352:32School DaysLat.Music 9
17S522:27BamboleoRoss Mitchell
18W292:49Amore E MusicaCM Vol.26
19T332:09Blue TangoAndy Ross
20Q502:12Young At HeartC.F.D. 9
21C303:04Addicted To LoveC.F.D. 6
22J402:29Crazy Little Thing Called LoveC.F.D. 3
23F272:34Moonlight SerenadeRoss Mitchell
24v541:39Once Upon A DreamRoss Mitchell
25R253:09Take My Breath AwayC.F.D. 8
26S503:00I've Had The Time Of My LifeC.F.D. 8
27*324:34You Can Call Me AlPaul Simon

indexdancebpmlengthCDC Valentinesource
01W272:26Romeo & Juliet ThemeUlt.Bal.2
02Q482:43You Can't Hurry LoveMotown
03C272:32It's In His KissRoss Mitchell
04C303:25BesameUlt.Latin 3
05j342:34Baby LoveMotown
06J422:42Reet PetiteCM Vol.1
07F292:16Take My Love, Take My LoveBal.Swing
08R262:32Perhaps, Perhaps, PerhapsStrictly B.
09W292:49Amore E MusicaCM Vol.26
10Q502:33Part Time LoverC.F.D. 6
11T332:14Head Over HeelsC.F.D. 6
12C303:21Kiss (Tom Jones)Ult.Latin 10
13J392:40Hit Me UpLat.Music 9
14F293:10This Business Of LoveDanceLife 13
15V592:24Love's RoundaboutCM Vol.16
16R252:43Something StupidLat.Music 4
17S512:09Eso Beso (That Kiss)Lat.Mix 3
18W293:15It Is You I Have LovedBal.Fant.
19Q502:37Heart Of GlassBal.Eleg.
20T323:28Tango D'AmourCM Vol.12
21C313:26Me Estoy EnamorandoLat.Mix 5
22K432:33Would You...Our Lat.Music
23F283:39Love Me Like CandyBal.Mix 3
24V602:29Falling In Love With LoveCM Vol.14
25R244:17Falling Into YouCeline Dion
26S523:43Love Is In The AirStrictly B.
27W303:48Who's Taking You... / Last WaltzRoss Mitchell

indexdancebpmlengthCDC GD Set Onesource
01C312:36Bang BangGiants Of Latin
02W294:00Theme from PapillonCM Vol.14
03J441:55Pick A Bale O' CottonRoss Mitchell
04F292:38Speaking Of HappinessUlt.Bal.4
05W293:33It Is You I Have LovedBal.Fantasy
06C304:49Corazon EspinadoSantana
07Q523:37Dancin' FoolCM Vol.14
08R273:55Sign Your NameUlt.Lat.11
10*294:12The Rhythm Of The Night
= Sindy Swing
Motown Ult.Hits
11J422:22Sea CruisePais Tropical
12F263:52I Love To See You Smile? Randy Newman
13W302:38Nature BoyRoss Mitchell
14C323:44Speak Up MamboLatin Jam 4
15Q522:39It Don't Mean A ThingUlt.Bal.2|4
16R253:00El RelojPais Tropical
17T322:37Ecstasy? Empress Ballroom
18V593:14Love's RoundaboutCM Vol.16
19C314:11Hey GringoCM Vol.13
20W303:30Could I Have This Dance? Ult.Bal.3
21J443:35Jump Jive An' Wail? UL10|Our L.Mus.
22R254:11Samba Caliente?
23W313:28If You Don't Know Me ...CFD2

indexdancebpmlengthCDC GD Set Twosource
01P602:19Spanish Gypsy DanceUlt.Lat.1|CMV13
02F283:18Tuxedo Junction?
03J422:51Lipstick Powder And PaintCM Vol.13
05S521:46Hot Hot Hot?
06Q512:07Man WantedCM Vol.16
07C303:47Dance With MeU.L.3|Lat.Mus.3
08T323:37Tango D'AmourCM Vol.12
09R262:56Get HereRoss Mitchell
10V602:46Falling In Love With LoveCM Vol.14
11Q524:00Mr. Pinstripe SuitBal.Swing
12R262:57One Moment In TimeRoss Mitchell
13F302:19New York, New York?
14S523:08Zu ZuLatin Jam 4
15W263:50You Light Up My Life?
16C302:34Love Potion No.9Ross Mitchell
17Q522:45FlyingBal.Mix 1
19J433:24Would You...?Our Lat.Music
20W303:25Open ArmsBal.Class.2

indexdancebpmlengthCDC GD1 Disc1source
01W284:02Requiem Fur Einen EngelBal.Mix 5
02Q502:25Let's Get TogetherUlt.Bal.10
03J433:46Hit Me UpLat.Music 9
04j342:41Baby LoveMotown Ult.Hits
05Q512:31Peroxide SwingBal.Stars 2
06W293:15May It BeBal.Elegance
07J423:46Mambo #5Ult.Lat.2
08C312:21Yo Te QuieroLat.Mix 5
09Q501:55Too MarvelousUlt.Bal.10
10W293:37Rosemary's BabyCM Vol.26
11C313:10SwayLat.Music 9
12T323:17Tango NotturnoBal.Stars 2
13F292:46Have You Met Miss JonesBal.Elegance
14R233:32Comin' AroundLat.Mix 5
15Q523:25Dancin' FoolCM Vol.14
17V591:36Once Upon A DreamRoss Mitchell
18F292:52Knock Me A KissCM Vol.26
19J403:21Hit The Road JackUlt.Lat.3
20S503:15El MorenoUlt.Lat.10
21R262:35Perhaps, Perhaps, PerhapsStrictly Ballroom
22J442:39Pink Shoe LacesUlt.Lat.1
23W283:47Behind The DayBal.Elegance
24Q502:20Your Good Girl's Gonna ...?
25t322:35AstorBal.Stars 2
26Q482:06Diamonds Are A Girl's ...CFD8

indexdancebpmlengthCDC GD1 Disc2source
01F282:16Strangers In The NightUlt.Bal.10
03Q503:40Rhythm Is Our BusinessUlt.Bal.10
04W282:18MandulinataBal.Stars 2
05J433:56Cha ChaLat.Music 9
06C314:18Me Estoy EnamorandoLat.Mix 5
07Q492:08Happy DaysDanceLife VB1
08W283:58Hace Mucho, Mucho TiempoBal.Elegance
09R253:41Un HombreUlt.Lat.10
10T322:20The Big DateBal.Passion
11V582:15I Am King, I Shall LeadCM Vol.26
12F293:29Tainted LoveBal.Elegance
13S532:01Soul Limbo (Test Match)Ross Mitchell
14J422:48Reet PetiteCM Vol.1
15W293:35Rosemary's BabyCM Vol.26

indexdancebpmlengthCDC Now GD Vol 1 Part 1source
01C313:30Walkin' On The SunOur Lat.Music
02W293:22Candle On The WaterKlaus Hallen
03J433:17HafananaPais Tropical
04R262:36Perhaps, Perhaps, PerhapsStrictly Ballroom
05Q531:41Billy-A-DickFor The Boys
06C294:07Lady Marmalade? Latin Mix 5
07W293:24It Is You I Have LovedBal.Fantasy
08J422:42Lipstick Powder And PaintCM Vol.13
09R233:13Maybe [Enrique Iglesias]? Lat.Music 6
10Q522:29Friend Like MeKlaus Hallen
11F302:48Let There Be LoveNat King Cole
12C323:12SwayMichael Bublé
13T322:49Por Un CabezaBal.Swing
14j372:53Bad, Bad Leroy BrownFrank Sinatra
15R194:27Hero [Enrique Iglesias]? Ult.Lat.10
16Q502:37Tina Marie [Perry Como]Bal.Mix 1
17C293:54Dimelo [Marc Anthony]?
18V553:09Iris (strict tempo remix)?
19F323:18I Like To Lead When I DanceFrank Sinatra
20S532:47Iko Iko [Zap Mama]? Klaus Hallen
21Q523:28Dancin' FoolCM Vol.14
22T322:45La CumparsitaCM Vol.12
24W283:14Appalachian LullabyeCM Vol.22
25C323:38In These ShoesKirsty MacColl

indexdancebpmlengthCDC Now GD Vol 1 Part 2source
01F303:05A Nightingale Sang In ...? Ult.Bal.2
02R255:26Piano In The DarkOur Lat.Music
03Q522:36Flying [Nice Little Penguins]Bal.Mix 1
04W303:18Serenade [Secret Garden]? Ult.Bal.13
05C323:42Mercy [Duffy]?
06V542:52You And Me [Lifehouse]?
07F282:50A Wink And A SmileBal.Magic
08J403:22Hit The Road JackUlt.Lat.3
09R204:45Fields Of Gold [Eva Cassidy]?
10Q511:58Man Wanted [Nicola Dawn]CM Vol.16
11W274:46Greenwaves [Secret Garden]CM Vol.24

indexdancebpmlengthCDC Now GD Vol 2 Part 1source
01C312:26Bang BangGiants Of Latin
02J402:41Runaround SueUlt.Lat.1
03W293:22Sandy's SongBal.Mix 1
04Q512:40No Me Voy Sin BailarUlt.Bal.4
06J422:30Little Turtle DoveLat.Un. Macumba
07W304:18Can You Feel The Love ...Klaus Hallen
08Q523:50Mr. Pinstripe SuitBal.Swing
10F292:37Don't Get Around Much ...Ult.Bal.10
11C303:37Dance With MeU.L.3|Lat.Mus.3
12T323:36Tango D'AmourCM Vol.12
13J413:53Wake Me Up Before ...Wham!
14F284:04Wade In The WaterBal.Stars 2
15W294:50If We Hold On TogetherKlaus Hallen
16Q501:43Putting On The RitzUlt.Bal.7
17R234:26Chains [Tina Arena]Ult.Lat.7
18V582:11Once Upon A DecemberBal.Swing
19F293:17This Business Of LoveDanceLife 13
20C313:58Pata Pata? CM Vol.17
21S504:08Ain't It FunnyLat.Music 4
22Q503:27It Don't Mean A ThingBal.Mix 1
23T312:55Masochism TangoTom Lehrer

indexdancebpmlengthCDC Now GD Vol 2 Part 2source
01J442:34Smells Like Rockin' RobinGo Home Prod.
02W293:55Antichi RicordiBal.Mix 1
03C323:32Mucho MamboShaft
04F282:47Nice And EasyBal.Swing
05V592:34Chim Chim Cheree? Bal.Mix 1
06R262:57AbrazameGiants Of Latin
07Q493:53Long GoneBal.Mix 1
08C322:56Mira Pa' Dentro? Lat.Mix 5
09F293:12They Can't Take That ...? Ult.Bal.6
10Q512:35Let's Face The Music ...Ult.Bal.4
11W273:14Nocturne [Secret Garden]CM Vol.12

01W284:02Requiem Fur Einen EngelBal.Mix 5
02F283:32MichelleBal.Mix 3
03C313:10Sway [Cat Paw]Lat.Music 9
04T323:19Tango NotturnoBal.Stars 2
05Q502:25Let's Get TogetherUlt.Bal.10
06R255:04If That Were MeLat.Music 3
07J433:46Hit Me UpLat.Music 9
08W292:22Moon River? Ult.Bal.5
09C313:44(Mao Mao) Pao Pao Cha Cha...Lat.Mix 3
10F293:29Tainted LoveBal.Elegance
12J423:46Mambo No.5Ult.Lat.2
13Q512:31Peroxide SwingBal.Stars 2
14S513:31Rumba Del BongoLat.Mix 5
15R233:32Comin' AroundLat.Mix 5
16V582:53MaigretBal.Stars 2
17F28-3:28New York, New York {var.}?
18C303:29Kiss (Tom Jones)Ult.Lat.10
19W294:52Amore E MusicaCM Vol.26
20Q512:46Dear Hearts And Gentle People? Bal.Mix 3
21T323:34Tango D'AmourCM Vol.12
22J422:41Lipstick Powder And PaintCM Vol.13
23C313:39I Like It Like ThatLat.Mix 5

02F293:11Fever? DanceLife VB1
03J403:21Hit The Road, JackUlt.Lat.3
04T313:50Sin RumboUlt.Bal.10
05W3v4:34The Magic Of Love {var.}CM Vol.26
06Q512:35Let's Face The Music ...Ult.Bal.4
07R243:57Tell Me WhyLat.Music 2
08F284:09Wade In The WaterBal.Stars 2
09Q512:59Jungle RhythmBal.Passion
10W293:41The Godfather WaltzUlt.Bal.4
11R204:45Fields Of Gold?
12J402:46Runaround SueUlt.Lat.1
14C314:18Me Estoy EnamorandoLat.Mix 5
15Q502:24Ooh! Bang! Jiggilly! Jang!Bal.Mix 3
16Q503:56They're Red HotBal.Elegance
17*293:58The Rhythm Of The Night
= Sindy Swing
Motown Ult.Hits
18*561:59The Gay Gordons?
19C313:54Won't You Join Me For ...Ult.Lat.10
20T323:09DelusionU.B.10|B.Mix 3

indexdancebpmlengthCDC (CD1) Beg.source
01Q523:25Dancin' FoolCM Vol.14
02R273:56Baker Street? Ross Mitchell
03W283:13Appalachian LullabyeCM Vol.22
04J443:35What A SurpriseKlaus Hallen
05C314:01I Like It Like ThatU.L.11|CMV13
06Q523:50Mr Pinstripe SuitBal.Swing
07R252:48Something StupidLat.Music 4
09J422:39Lipstick Powder & PaintCM Vol.13
10C323:25Tequila BangUlt.Lat.1
11Q523:42The Lady Is A TrampBal.Mix 3
12R263:00And I Love You SoKlaus Hallen
13W303:12Hushabye MountainBal.Magic
14j364:47King Of The New York StreetsUlt.Lat.3
15C324:18Let's Get LoudLat.Music 2
16Q512:50Too Hot To HoldCM Vol.16
17R262:34Love Theme from SupermanKlaus Hallen
18W293:21It Is You I Have LovedBal.Fantasy
19J432:59Do The PupLat.Music 4
20C314:01Hey GringoCM Vol.13
21Q502:33It Don't Mean A ThingUlt.Bal.2
22R263:11PeopleKlaus Hallen
23W292:37Are You Lonesome TonightUlt.Bal.4
24J432:30Shake, Rattle & RollLat.Music 4

indexdancebpmlengthCDC (CD2) Beg.source
02Q502:17Grim Grinning GhostsBal.Passion
03R244:22Falling Into YouCeline Dion
04W294:17FlyingCM Vol.22
05J433:17TequilaLat.Mix 3
06C314:11Ande Yo CalienteUlt.Lat.3
07Q512:57Jungle RhythmBal.Passion
08R234:15If That's What It TakesCeline Dion
09W272:53He Was BeautifulCM Vol.16
10J432:24Why Do Fools Fall In LoveUlt.Lat.1
12Q471:39I'm Sitting On Top Of ...? Ult.Bal.2
14W302:49Under The Bridges Of ParisUlt.Bal.2
15J432:30Little Bitty Pretty OneCM Vol.1
16C313:45Ay MujerUlt.Lat.3
17Q502:33Let's Face The Music ...Ult.Bal.4
18R253:39Buy Me A RoseLat.Music 3
20J403:19Hit The Road JackUlt.Lat.3
21C313:24Get The Party StartedLat.Music 4
22Q522:34FlyingBal.Mix 1
23R262:53Abrazame? Giants Of Latin
24W293:51Rudy (Theme)CM Vol.22

indexdancebpmlengthCDC Beg. GD Disc 1source
02Q512:35Let's Face The MusicUlt.Bal.4
03C313:38Senorita TequilaLat.Mix 5
04J443:05Mexico (extended)Ross Mitchell
05W293:15May It BeBal.Elegance
06C313:41I Like It (Like That)Lat.Mix 5
07J403:00Wrapped AroundLat.Mus.4
08W294:52Amore E MusicaCM Vol.26
09Q512:39Little Me? CM Vol.22
10C302:23Eso Es El AmorRoss Mitchell
11J402:46Runaround SueUlt.Lat.1
13J433:19TequilaLat.Mix 3
15Q512:52Too Hot To HoldCM Vol.16
16W282:18MandulinataBal.Stars 2
17J443:09I Got A GirlLat.Music 2
18Q502:44Dear HeartsUlt.Bal.4

indexdancebpmlengthCDC Beg. GD Disc 2source
01C323:15Yerba Buena? Ult.Lat.10
02J403:32If You Were The Only Girl...Ult.Lat.10
03W282:25Lost In The DarknessBal.Passion
04J423:46Mambo #5Ult.Lat.2
05C314:03Hey GringoCM Vol.13
06J412:41Lipstick Powder And PaintCM Vol.13
07Q512:59Jungle RhythmBal.Passion
09W293:30Flying DreamsCM Vol.22
10Q502:19Grim Grinning GhostsBal.Passion
12W283:11All The Way HomeBal.Elegance
13Q502:33So Long, DearieBal.Stars 2
14Q502:14The ProposalBal.Elegance
15W282:39Everyone's Gone To The...? Cyril Stapleton
16C314:18Me Estoy EnamorandoLat.Mix 5
17J433:46Hit Me UpLat.Music 9
18C313:54Conchita? Lat.Mix 5
19Q512:43I Wanna Be Like YouCM Vol.16
20W273:20Come Away?