CDC Revision Notes

Viennese Waltz Music Examples

Viennese waltz has a time signature of 3/4 and a tempo somewhere near 60 bars per minute or 180 beats per minute.

@46: I Won't Give Up [Jason Mraz]
@49: A Winter Land [Paul Reeves]
@50: End Of The Road [Boyz II Men]
@50: Waltz of the WallFlowers [Small Potatoes]
@53: No One Likes A Fat Pop Star [Robbie Williams]
@55: Gramophone [Eugen Doga]
@56: To Dust [Helen Jane Long]
@57: Love On The Brain [Madilyn Bailey]
@57: You Are The Reason [Calum Scott]
@60: Cry Me Out [Pixie Lott]
@60: Circle of life [Elaiza]
@61: Hallelujah [Alexandra Burke]
@63: Guilty [Paloma Faith]
@63: Everybody Hurts [R.E.M.]
@63: Perfect [Ed sheeran]

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