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The webmaster hates legalese too, and wonders why you are still reading this and not learning about all the wonderful dancing you can enjoy with CDC or looking at the pretty pictures.

A note from the webmaster

I hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the CDC website. It is undergoing constant improvement and if you can think of any features that would be worthwhile to have, notice any problems such as broken links, or simply have a comment about the website please contact the webmaster.

In developing this website I had help and input from a number of different people along the way and I would like to thank Chris Newton (the person behind the previous website) for his invaluable advice and comments on implementation of this site; Claude Schneider for designing the splash page and helping with several of the website graphics; Eva Johnson for designing the new CDC and team logos and everyone on the IT committee who provided feedback on the site as it progressed.

Ben Roberts September 2010