CDC Revision Notes

Quickstep Music Examples

Quickstep (fast foxtrot) has a swing time signature of 4/4 (ie 12/8) and a tempo somewhere near 50 bars per minute or 200 beats per minute; but can range up to 60 bars per minute (240 beats) for charleston.

@44: Zoot Suit Riot [Cherry Poppin' Daddies]
@44: The Gambler [Kenny Rogers]
@45: Title [Meghan Trainor]
@45: Ich Dich Liebe [Pink Martini]
@45: Devil's Dance [Big Bad Voodoo Daddy]
@48: This Is The Life [Amy Macdonald]
@48: Up All Night [Take That]
@48: Just A Little Bit [Tom Gaebel]
@49: I Wan'na Be Like You [Robbie Williams + Olly Murs]
@49: Hey, Soul Sister [Train]
@49: She's Always Right [Big Bad Voodoo Daddy]
@49: Dance, Dance, Dance [Phat Cat Swinger]
@50: Where's My Banjo [Rimsky]
@52: Flying [Nice Little Penguins]
@53: Pencil Full Of Lead [Paolo Nutini]
@53: Rock It For Me [Caravan Palace]
@54: Dirty Jazz (ReJazzed) [DELADAP]
@54: Fairytale [Alexander Rybak]
@55: Swan Lake Swing [David Ricard Big Band]
@55: Gimme That Swing [Cissie Redgwick]
@58: Out Of Our Heads [Take That]
@62: Lone Digger [Caravan Palace]
@63: Crazy Swing [DELADAP]

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