CDC Revision Notes

Rumba Music Examples

Rumba has a time signature of 4/4 (8/8) and a modern tempo much slower than 30 bars per minute, eg 24 bars per minute or 96 beats per minute. Modern show-dance rumbas can be even slower.

@20: Si Estas Paredes Hablaran [Tamara]
@21: Candlelight [Jack Savoretti]
@22: Proud [JLS]
@22: Despacito [Lady Cherry]
@22: Love You Anymore [Michael Buble]
@22: Sabor A Mi [Kenny G]
@23: Angel Of Mine [Monica]
@23: Chains [Tina Arena]
@23: Cuba [Benise]
@23: El Privilegio De Amar [Manuel Mijares + Lucero]
@24: Say You Won't Let Go [James Arthur]
@24: Jurame [Gisselle]
@24: Deje De Amar [Marc Anthony + Felipe Muniz]
@24: All I Have To Give [Backstreet Boys]
@25: The Soul of a Man [Anders Lewen + James King]
@25: Mourir D'Aimer [Lisa Angell]
@26: Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu [Tony Succar]
@26: I Won't Let You Go [James Morrison]
@27: Sign Your Name [Terence Trent D'Arby]
@28: Un-Break My Heart [Toni Braxton]
@28: Little Things [One Direction]
@28: Thunderclouds [Labrinth + Sia + Diplo]

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