About the club

Who are we?

The Cambridge Dancers' Club is a non-profit town & gown society, founded in 1950 and run by its members to promote dancing around Cambridge, UK. Since we are not a commercial business or conventional dance school, we don't waste any of our members' money on maintaining an office or a telephone line. Each year, the operational committee voted on at the AGM will typically be a few Cambridge area residents and some students from the various colleges; and, these days, we mostly co-ordinate our activities via email.

We are a registered Cambridge University society and the majority of our members are CU students or staff. However, you don't have to be connected with the university to join. We welcome any adults from the area. This includes students from Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge Regional College and the Open University but also many local residents, a few non-residents living further afield & visitors.

Unsurprisingly, given our target audience, most of our members are aged 18-30. But older members are welcome and we even have some regulars in their 50s to 70s. We regret we cannot offer most of our classes to children under the age of 16; but there are several other dancing schools (or dance courses within schools) in the Cambridge area that do cater for younger dancers. Anyone with a disability or vulnerable adult status should contact us for guidance so that we can make arrangements for you to enjoy dancing with us.

You can read more about club membership and prices here.

What do we do?

The main things we organise are:

Depending on demand, we also provide more general competitive training, medals tests, demonstrations (often at CU May Balls), and opportunities to learn about related fields like health and fitness from a dancer's perspective.

Our teaching is normally provided by independent professionals rather than club members, and we are not agents. If you're looking for someone to teach a class for you, we're not really the right people to ask.

We provide for several different dance styles but mainly partner dancing. Currently, the styles we offer are:

If you're looking for a dance style that's not mentioned here, you might try our page of other links.


The club is organised by a committee of around 30-50 volunteers, led by the executive officers, who are elected at the Annual General Meeting. Our AGM is held after Easter but before the summer break each year. This is when club members have the chance to propose items for the agenda, volunteer themselves or nominate others for the ordinary committee or exec roles, argue about the precise wording of the constitution etc and vote on all of these things.

The club's constitution and grievance procedure are available for reference.