CDC Michaelmas 2012 Revision Notes

Wednesday Parkside Hall 8:30pm Salsa Cuban Intermediates with Sacha

Week 1

Warm-Up routine

The warm-up is the same at the beginning of every class. It has several goals: 1) warm up the body to avoid injuries, 2) develop some core Cuban body movement, 3) work out to develop the muscles involved in the Cuban movement. It starts from the head and works all the way down to the toes: neck, shoulders, spine, hips, knees, ankles, toes. The more you do it, the easier it gets!

Refresher: the 12 elementary moves of Cuban salsa - part 1

Week 2

Refresher: the 12 elementary moves of Cuban salsa - part 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Son: dancing a contratiempo (on 2)

This is how salsa used to be danced until quite recently and some people are trying to return to that style.

Week 8

Programme review and Q&A


The 1213 Basic Moves of Cuban Salsa

The following moves are some of the basic units of Cuban salsa: other short moves are often armwork variations on these and longer moves are mostly an assemblage of these basic ones. Knowing these moves creates a language that can be used later on while explaining or analysing longer moves. They are also useful to develop and polish some essential space awareness and leading/following skills.

Name Short description and skills Notes Same family as ...
Guapea step Basic Cuban salsa step. Combination of casino + salsa. Connection: equalise the tension. Guapear = acting tough, being brave. Guapea = the tough step (to show off).
Enchufla Back-rock-turn, back-rock-forward. Enchufar = to plug in or turn on (some electrical equipment) Enchufla Doble, Enchufla Complicado, Enchufla con Mambo/Rumba etc
Dile que no (DQN) Dile que no with lady's hips tilting backwards on 3 to create the "slingshot effect". Dancing together, exchange of complementary energy. Dile que no = tell her/him that not. "Yes but no, OK maybe."
Hecho / Vuelta / Pimienta Lady's clockwise turn on 8 beast led by man's left hand (var. right hand), with prep on preceding 8. Hecho = done. Vuelta = turn. Velta Vacilala, Sombrero, Balsero, Abanico, Setenta
Paseala al frente Leading the lady inside/outside of the circle, lady walking in a figure of 8 or infinity sign, man stepping side to side. Keep shoulder lines parallel. Very good for learning to lead and follow. Pasear = to go for a stroll. Pasea la = bring her on a stroll. Al frente = in front. Preparation for sacala.
Sacala / Exhibela Lady's clockwise turn "thrown" by the leader. Ladies use hips for styling and creating motion from withing the body. Action-reaction. Sacar = to throw. Saca la = throw her out. Exhibela is lead with man's right hand / crosshand hold.
Paseala (por abajo y por atras) Bringing the lady right to left, then left to right. Starts from enchufla-DQN. Pasear = go for a stroll. Please don't confuse with "paseala al frente". Por abajo y por atrás = down (the street) and back.
Adios con la Prima Man pushes into the lady's right arm and pulls her left hip to start the clockwise rotation, then travels under the lady's arm. La Prima = the cousin. Adios con la prima = leave with the cousin. Evelyn, Adios con la Prima y la Hermana / con la Familia
Cubanita / Cubanito S-shaped arm leading, lady in front and man behind (resp. man in front, lady behind). Keep the connection even though the lady (resp. man) is in front, "reconnect" on 3 and 7 with eyes and body direction. El Uno, El Dos
Enrocate Preparation to Coca Cola, keep the lady in the centre. Enrocar = to castle. Enrocate = castle yourself. Think of protecting with a wall.
Coca Cola "Cross body with inside turn", lady's anti-clockwise turn led by the man. Starts from enchufla-DQN.
Siete / Panque Whipping hand motion to lead the woman to turn clockwise and "roll her in". Prep-throw, action-reaction. Spanish panque = pancake. Think of flipping a pancake. Siete con Coca Cola
Enchufla Ronde (Hook Turn) Starts like Adios, then hook turn for the man Enchufla ronde with hands high / low / two hands / hands crossed etc, Evelyn, Abanico

Other Cuban Salsa Classes and Parties in Cambridge

Sunday Salsa Lounge

Class + social every Sunday at The Man On The Moon, 2 Norfolk St., Cambridge CB1 2LF. Class 19:30-20:30, then social dance until 23:30.

Thursday Salsa Social Club

Every Thursday at the Cambridge Working Men's Club, 125 East Road, Cambridge CB1 1DB (opposite the Crown Court). CWMC parking is freely available for club members. Fantastic venue, low cost drinks. Class 1, 19:30-20:30, is a new theme every week for all levels. Class 2, 20:30-21:30, is salsa on 3 levels. Then 21:30-23:45 free salsa party!

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