Cuppers is CDC's annual friendly competition, open to dancers of all ages* and all abilities.

The event is divided into two parts - the opens, in which anyone may compete, and the inter-college team match. The exact number and nature of the competition dances varies from year to year. In between the various components, there will be an opportunity for general dancing.

If you are competing, please arrive promptly to ensure you have enough time to register, to pin your number on, etc. Application forms can be filled in on the day; although it will speed things up considerably if you can submit them in advance. All entrance fee money is to be paid on the door.

Spectators are welcome and admission is free for those not competing.

* Sorry, no under-16s, in compliance with CDC regulations.

None of the competitions are restricted to basic steps.

Same sex couples are perfectly acceptable in all competition categories.

All DanceSport competitions, including the inter-collegiate team match, require non-competitive dress to be worn.

For more details, see the rules page.

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If you have any questions, please check our questions and answers page first. If that doesn't help, please e-mail us at