CDC Revision Notes

Lockdown Music Dance Tracks

Viennese (60 +/-)

@var: Song for Dominic Cummings [Dillie Keane]

Polka (60 +/-)

@58: The Coronavirus Song [Rusty Cage + NerdCity]

Quickstep (50 +/-)

@48: Friends Theme But You're All In Quarantine [Michael Rose]


@35: The Durham Dash [Lockie Chapman]
@37: My Corona [Chris Mann]

Cha-cha (30 +/-)

@25: Corona Virus Song [Mo Vlogs & Lana Rose]
@27: Last Christmas [James Adams]
@29: Quarantine (Is Not Quite Over) [The Holderness Family]
@29: Do They Know It's Covid? [Tom Powell]
@31: Do They Know It's Covid Time? [Boris Johnson and the Superspreaders]

Rumba (24 +/-)

@20: Hello (From The Inside) [Chris Mann]
@20: I Want To Know What Day It Is [The Holderness Family]
@23: Thank U Frontline [Chris Mann]
@24: Coronavirus Song (Torn parody) [???]
@25: Social Distancing [Steve Stewart & Don Stewart]

Samba (50 +/-)

@49: Nobody Voted For Dominic Cummings [Mitch Benn]
@50: In Quarantine [Mark O'Dea]
@50: Covid-19 [Min Official]
@51: Fifty Ways To Catch Corona [Zack David]
@52: Stayin' Inside [Brent McCollough]

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