CDC Revision Notes

Foxtrot Music Examples

Slow/English foxtrot has a swing time signature of 4/4 (ie 12/8) and a tempo somewhere near 30 bars per minute or 120 beats per minute.

@24: The Finger Points to You [Maxayn]
@24: Don't Do Me Wrong [Kacee Clanton]
@27: Nobody But Me [Blue Harlem + Imelda May]
@29: Half The World Away [Oasis]
@29: London Town [Geoff Gascoyne + Iain Mackenzie]
@29: I Think I'm Goin' Crazy For You [Phat Cat Swinger]
@29: You've Got A Friend In Me [Randy Newman]
@30: Swing Supreme [Robbie Williams]
@30: One More Sunny Day [Cliff Richard]
@30: Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh) [Pixie Lott]
@31: Haven't Met You Yet [Michael Buble]
@31: With A Little Help From My Friends [Wet Wet Wet]
@31: You Will Never Know [Imany]
@31: Go Gentle [Robbie Williams]
@32: I Will Survive [The Puppini Sisters]
@32: Got a Thing for Swing [Mark Kingswood]
@33: Nothing On You [Matt Dusk]

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