CDC Revision Notes

Halloween Music Dance Tracks

Waltz (30 +/-)

@24: Garden of Graves [Gloria Mulhall]
@25: Lost In The Darkness [Carl Lindquist] (uneven)
@26: Nocturne [Secret Garden]
@27: Belladonna [Arlene Faith]
@28: Caught In A Shadow [Kriemhild]
@30: Dark Waltz [Hayley Westenra]
@34: Nichta Magika [Vicky Leandros]

Viennese (60 +/-)

@43: The Haunted Ballroom [Chris Thomas]
@50: Dance Of The Shadows [Derek Fiechter]
@56: To Dust [Helen Jane Long]
@58: I Put A Spell On You [Nina Simone]
@59: I Put A Spell On You [Screaming Jay Hawkins]

Foxtrot (30 +/-)

@25: Things That Go Bump In The Night [Tommy SpaSe]
@25: Dealin' With The Devil [James Cotton]
@28: Enter Sandman [Jazzystics]
@29: Witchcraft [Frank Sinatra]
@30: People Are Strange [The Doors]

Jive (42 +/-)

@33: Bad Things [Jace Everett]
@35: Do You Believe In Magic [The Lovin' Spoonful]
@36: Up Jumped The Devil In A White Nightgown [Louis Jordan]
@40: Dealing With The Devil [Imelda May]
@45: Bad Moon Rising [Creedence Clearwater Revival]
@45: Devil's Dance [Big Bad Voodoo Daddy]


@35: Monster Mash [Bobby Pickett]
@38: Midnight Monsters Hop [Jack And Jim]
@41: Little Shop Of Horrors [soundtrack cast]
@42: Let's Twist Again (Mummy Time Is Here) [John Zacherle]
@43: The Time Warp [Richard O'Brien]

Quickstep (50 +/-)

@44: Spider-Man Theme [Michael Buble]
@45: Devil's Dance [Big Bad Voodoo Daddy]
@48: The Wizard [Right Said Fred]
@48: Dealin' With The Devil [Noel Haggard]
@54: Man With The Hex [The Atomic Fireballs]
@54: Ghost Riders In The Sky [Johnny Cash]
@54: Ghosts Of Swing [Dr.Zoot]


@31: The Masochism Tango [Tom Lehrer]
@32: Tango Diabolo [Christa Behnke]
@32: Phantom Of The Opera [Tony Evans]
@33: Spider Of The Night [Geoff Love Orchestra]

Cha-cha (30 +/-)

@26: Werewolves Of London [Warren Zevon]
@28: Dealing With The Devil [Looking Glass]
@29: Devil Woman [Cliff Richard]
@29: Highway To Hell [AC/DC]
@30: Killing Me Softly With His Song [Yuliet Topaz]
@30: Things That Go Bump In The Night [Allstars]
@30: Evil Ways [Santana]
@31: Popeye (The Gravedigger) [John Zacherle]
@32: Abracadabra [Steve Miller Band]
@32: Love Potion No.9 [The Clovers]
@32: Could It Be Magic [Take That]
@32: Bones Bugalu [Gabriel Rios]
@33: I Put A Spell On You [Sonique]
@35: Monster Mash [Bobby Pickett]

Rumba (24 +/-)

@20: Mourir D'Aimer [Charles Aznavour]
@23: Chains [Tina Arena]
@25: El Lado Oscuro [Jarabe De Palo]
@26: Killing Me Softly With Her Song [Perry Como]
@27: Spooky [Classics IV]
@27: Spooky [Dusty Springfield]
@27: Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) [Nina Persson]
@29: Every Breath You Take [The Police]

Salsa / Mambo

@36: Devil Woman [Marty Robbins] (Calypso)

Samba (50 +/-)

@47: Coeur De Loup [Philippe Lafontaine]
@51: Grim Grinning Ghosts [VoicePlay]
@56: Black Magic [Little Mix]

Paso Doble (60 +/-)

@58: Highway To Hell [AC/DC]

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