Clive Hurt's B+L routines for Michaelmas 2021

6pm Intermediates


Running Right Turn =
Natural Turn 1st (SQQ)
Natural Pivot (S)
Natural Heel Turn (SSS)
Running Finish (QQS)


Rope-Spinning to Swinging-Gate =
LF Basic
Alemana + Spiral
Cucaracha vs walks behind
Cucaracha vs walks in front to R shadow pos.
LF Basic ended back vs RB Basic ended fwd
RB Basic ended fwd vs LF Basic ended back
repeat this rocking action ...
... and spiral/L turn exit forward

7pm Improvers


? LF Basic, Natural Turn (both), RF Basic, Reverse Turn (both)


Basic, Change of Place from R-to-L and L-to-R (underarm turns), ? Hip Bumps, ? American Spin, ? Change of Hands behind the back, ? Stop-and-Go, ? Disco Points

8pm Beginners


Straight line basic figures around the room


Basics, New Yorks, Spot Turn

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