The Inter-Varsity Dancesport Contest involves the formal teams (and other competitors) from universities across the whole of the UK - ie it's the national competition of its type.

The main event is a team match where each team consists of 4 couples who between them present: waltz, quickstep, jive and cha-cha. The scores for the whole team are combined into the final result. But there are also events for individual couples.

Beginners compete in single dance categories: waltz and/or quickstep for ballroom; jive and/or cha-cha for latin.

Novices compete in paired dance categories: both waltz and quickstep for ballroom; both jive and cha-cha for latin.

Intermediate level dancers present 3 dances per category; which means adding either foxtrot or tango to the usual ballroom pair and adding either rumba or samba to the usual latin pair.

Advanced dancers present 4 dances per category: WQFT and JCRS. In the ex-student advanced contest, all 5 dances for ballroom and latin categories are required.

There will usually be same sex contests too - using WQ and JC pairs or single dance rumba etc.

There are also rock'n'roll and salsa events.

The location of IVDC is nearly always the Empress Ballroom, Winter Gardens, Blackpool. The date of IVDC is usually the last Saturday in February. Although it has sometimes been on the first Saturday in March instead.