Clive Hurt's B+L routines for summer 2020


R = right
L = left

S = slow
Q = quick

WW = without weight


barcountfigure (from leader's perspective)
11,2,31-3 Reverse Turn ¼ L
21,2,34-6 Reverse Turn ¼ L
31,2,31-3 Reverse Turn ¼ L
41,2,34-6 Reverse Turn ¼ L
51,2,3LF Slow Bota Fogo (Hover)
61,2,3RF Slow Bota Fogo (Hover)
81,2,3RF Closed Change from PP, ¼ turn L
91,2,3Open Impetus
111,2,3Open Telemark
121,2,3Left Whisk (to CPP)
131,2&3(Un)Twist to R
141,2,3Step back to LF Check
151,2,3Step back to RF Check
161,2&3Step back for Chasse to R


barcountfigure (from leader's perspective)
12,3,4&1LF Fwd Basic
22,3,4&1RF Back Basic
32,3,4&1LF Time Step
42,3,4&1RF Time Step
52,3,4&1LF Spot Turn to R
62,3,4&111-15 Natural Top with lock ending
72&3&4&1Cuban Break
82,3,4&1Back Basic turning ¼ L
92,3,4&1LF Follow My Leader turning ½ R
102,3,4&1RF Follow My Leader turning ½ L
112,3,4&1LF Follow My Leader turning ½ R
122,3,4&1Cross R behind L, twist turn ½ R + chassé
132,3,4&1LF Cross Basic turning ¼ L
142,3,4&1RF Cross Basic turning ¼ L
152,3,4&1LF Cucaracha with Drunken Sailor ending
162,3,4&1RF New York


barcountfigure (from leader's perspective)
12,3,4&1LF Walk
22,3,4&1RF Switch Turn 1/8 to L
32,3,4&1LF Switch Turn 1/8 to R
42,3,4&1RF Cucaracha
52,3,4&14-6 Hockey Stick turning ½ to L
62,3,4&11-3 Hockey Stick
72,3,4&1LF Spot Turn to R
82,3,4&17-9 Natural Top turning ¾ R
92,3,4&1LF Open Basic
102,3,4&1Fencing Line
112,3,4&1LF New York
122,3,4&1RF New York
132,3,4&1Side Steps
142,3,4&1Side Steps
152,3,4&1LF Cucaracha
162,3,4&1Cuban Rock


barcountfigure (from leader's perspective)
1 & 2SS SSRF Zigzag moving to L
3 & 4SS QQSRF Check-replace (New York) + chassé to R
5 & 6SS SSLF Zigzag moving to L
7 & 8SS SSLF Check-replace (New York) + side close
9SQQLF forward box
10SQQRF backward box
11SQQLF backward box
12SQQRF forward box
13SSLF Step + swing RF across body (ww)
14SSRF Step + swing LF across body (ww)
15SSLF Step + swing RF across body (ww)
16SSRF to side + close LF to RF