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DanceSport is the official title of International Ballroom and Latin American dancing. It's slick, sexy, and stamina building.

The Cambridge University Dancesport Team (CUDT) represents Cambridge in inter-university competitions throughout the year in dances such as waltz, quickstep, cha-cha and jive. We have consistently been in the top 2 British universities over the past decade. We now have discretionary Full Blue (or Half Blue) status for any of our top dancers and we compete in an annual Varsity match against Oxford.

As well as competing, the team performs at various events, such as May balls and garden parties. If you are looking for an exciting entertainment act, have a look at our Demos page.

Join Us

CUDT comprises the Blues team, a Squad and a Beginners Team. See below for more information on these. Dancers trial for a place on the Blues team at the start of the academic year in October (slightly later for Cambridge University than at other establishments) and the team's coaches then attempt to form the most compatible partnerships.

To be eligible for CUDT you must be a university student. The team's focus is in representing Cambridge University so you must usually be a full-time student of the University of Cambridge. In special circumstances, students from other universities, eg Anglia Ruskin, may also compete alongside us in some of the competitions (but not the Varsity match).

The CDC has some members competing very successfully on the open circuit - in which non-students may also compete. Our open dancesport practice sessions are available for use by those dancers too. To learn about competitive opportunities for non-students or to seek a partner, join the "CDC Competes on the Open Circuit" Facebook group or contact dancesport-cdc@cambridgedancers.org.

CUDT Beginners Team

No experience necessary
No partner required
Great way to meet people and have fun!

CUDT Beginners Team is an unlimited team of students who compete at all the major university dancesport competitions. The Beginners team represents Cambridge in the beginners events where couples compete against beginners from many other universities. Beginners compete in the Waltz, Quickstep, Cha-Cha and Jive. Steps are restricted to the basic syllabus.

The Beginners Team welcomes new members throughout the year and there is just one requirement - you must have no Modern Ballroom or Latin American dance experience (before the Easter term of last year). If you are interested, please contact the Beginners Team Captain.

Beginners Classes

CDC runs beginners dancesport classes where you can learn suitable routines. Beginners are encouraged to go to the relevant classes and team practices.

CUDT Squad

The CUDT Squad is for dancers who do not qualify as beginners and who do not make the Blues team, but who wish to continue competing at student competitions. The Squad has its own practice session on Sundays but also has the same classes, private lessons and open practices as the other teams. For more information, please contact the Squad Team Captain.

CUDT Blues Team

The CUDT Blues Team consists of 32 dancers who represent Cambridge in the Team Match at University competitions. The Blues team has its own practice session on Sundays but also has the same private lessons and open practices as the other teams.

Sunday Blues team practices are compulsory, while dancers choose which of the weekday practices to attend. Team members often practise more than twice a week by booking college venues independently - indeed, the more you practice, the better chance you will have of winning!

Blues Status

The possibility of attaining Full Blue status was approved in February 2013 for women and during the 2015-6 season for men.

A Full Blue is awarded for being selected to represent Cambridge in both the IVDC team match and the Varsity A Team match and then also achieving one of:
• placing amongst the top three advanced couples at IVDC (the Student Championship)
• placing amongst the top 48 couples at the British National Amateur Championship
• making the 2nd qualifying round internationally at the British Open Amateur Championship
• placing amongst the top three Pre-Championship (Advanced) couples at the Champions of Tomorrow competition.

A Half Blue is awarded for either of:
• placing among the top 9 couples in the Varsity match
• making the Advanced final at IVDC and representing Cambridge on the Varsity A team.

For more information, please contact the Team Captain(s).

Classes and Private Lessons


All CUDT Blues team and squad members are encouraged to attend the dancesport training classes for both modern and latin disciplines. But non-competitive or non-team CDC members can also attend the public DS classes.

Private Lessons

CUDT Blues Team members also have at least one private lesson per week. Lessons usually take place on Monday and Wednesday in college venues and on Sundays at Parkside Community College Gym (10.00am-5.00pm). Lessons are booked through the Team Secretary by replying to the lesson request email. All replies must reach the Secretary by noon Wednesday.

Financial Considerations

Membership & Classes

All team members must also be CDC members. This provides cheaper access to the basic classes (paid for on an individual basis). There's a separate CUDT subscription fee and termly fees for attending team and squad practice sessions. Private lessons are booked through the CUDT.


There are fees associated with each competition entered. These pay for the venue, the scrutineers and so forth.


All dancers must purchase their own dance shoes. Beyond that, beginners don't need formal costumes for competitions. Meanwhile, the main team has its own supply of costumes to adapt for its members and a budget for fixing and replacing them as necessary.

College Support

Because of DanceSport's half blues status, many colleges are willing to give financial help to their students if they need it on qualifying as team members.