Results 2008-2009

IVDC - 28th February 2009

For the third year in a row, CUDT travelled to Blackpool as reigning A-team and overall champions, determined to hold onto their crown. And the team fielded to retain the title was the closest to full strength compared to any other competition in 2009.

Tagbo & Emily once again dominated the Intermediate Latin, retaining the crown won by Kevin & Shoko in 2008. Despite this, and despite CUDT achieving two finalists in the Advanced Modern and two in the Advanced Latin, the opens did not auger well for the crucial team match, with Imperial triumphing in the Advanced Modern and Oxford winning the Advanced Latin.

However, the premature celebrations of some members of the Oxford team after the opens results were soon to be silenced as Cambridge, once again, proved it has the strongest team spirit. Every member of the team, dancing for collective pride rather than individual glory, raised their performance in the team match, leaving all the opposition in their wake.

Cambridge won the waltz (Stephen & Pauliina), the quickstep (Paul & Vesna) and the jive (Alex & Lenka) and finished runners-up in the cha cha. In a day of CUDT dominance, Cambridge won the A, B, C, D, Beginners' and Overall Team trophies, for the first time in its history. Imperial finished runners-up in the overall team positions, with Oxford, failing to get either their C or D team in the semi-final, a distant third.

Final Team Placings:

A-team - 1st. A team winners
B-team - 3rd. B team winners
C-team - 8th. C team winners
D-team - 11th. D team winners

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SUDC - 14th February 2009

Yet again, a mixture of illness and injury meant that CUDT went to a competition in 2009 without its squad at full strength. Nevertheless, the team rose to the challenge and provided plenty to cheer about.

The opens provided Tagbo & Emily with the opportunity to put right the clerical error of Sheffield and this they did admirably, dominating the Intermediate Latin and joined in the final by Jeremy & Anna. Special mention also go to our beginners' team: despite only fielding 4 couples, there were 3 Cambridge couples in the finals of every beginner event. Congratulations to David & Christine for winning the Best Newcomer trophy.

In the evening, the team match proved to be a very closely contested affair. Oxford, at full strength for the first time this season, managed to snatch a tight victory in the A-team contest, with CUDT finishing as runners-up. Cambridge, however, demonstrated their strength in depth by winning the B, C, D and overall trophies. Indeed in the team match, Cambridge fielded 6 of the twelve finalists in latin (double that of any other team) and 10 of the 24 finalists across all four dances. Things auger well for IVDC.

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Sheffield Social - 7th February 2009

With several couples missing, CUDT set off to Sheffield with some trepidation at what might happen. We knew we still had the ability to win, but also knew that it would require us to dance better than ever before. And that is exactly what happened. All of CUDT pulled together, supporting each other and dancing incredibly well. The open results were formidable, with Adeeb & Marcella winning all of the beginners events, Terence & Ingrid winning the novice jive and Kenny & Oly winning the advanced latin four dance.

The team match was always going to be tight, but the Cambridge team would not let difficulties get in their way. The A-, B- and D- teams all came first, with the C- team coming in a close second. All in all, the 7 Feb was a great day for Cambridge dancing.

Detailed results are available at:

Warwick Varsity Ball - 23rd November 2008

Open Results Summary

CUDT kicked off the 2008-2009 dancing season with a brilliant performance at the Warwick Varsity Ball. It proved to be a day of Cambridge domination, commencing with the opens and finishing with a resounding team success.

The opens saw victories for Hywel & Celia in the Intermediate Modern, Blaise & Eva in the Novice Latin and Adeeb & Marcella in the Beginners' Jive. In addition, Paul & Vesna were runners-up in the Advanced Modern and Alex & Lenka runners-up in the Advanced Latin. The Open Paso saw 4 of the six finalists coming from the Cambridge camp, an indicator of the strength in depth of the team.

Team Match Results Summary

Cambridge dominated the team match final with the A, B and C teams battling it out with the Bristol A, Featherwaits A, and Oxford A teams. The Cambridge A team emerged victorious, winning three of the four dances. The Cambridge B team took second place, beating the Bristol A team into third place and the Oxford A team into fourth place. The Cambridge C-team finished sixth. In the second division, the Cambridge G-team, consisting solely of beginners, took third place.

The detailed list of results can be accessed from:

Congratulations to all dancers!

Special thanks to Reggie Thomson for spending the day taking photographs for the team.