Results 2007-2008

Varsity Match 2008

A Team Summary

Cambridge went into the Varsity match as 3-times National Champions, but also in the knowledge that the 4-dance nature of the match could easily turn the tide against them. Having trained extremely hard over the previous 3 weeks in order to build up opposite discipline dances, CUDT was determined to put up a strong challenge.

The modern match began with a strong walk-on from Cambridge, reflecting their formation heritage. The waltz and quickstep were extremely closely fought, with OUDT taking the advantage by just a 1% margin. The latin events were a different story, with CUDT clearly have the edge in depth. This was easily enough to eradicate Oxford's small lead, and secured our second consecutive Varsity victory with a margin of 200 points.

Particular congratulations go to:

Nejc Jus & Pauliina Markkula for winning best Cambridge and Overall Modern Couple
Alex Marsh & Lenka Vackova for winning best Cambridge Latin Couple
Nejc Jus & Pauliina Markkula for winning best Cambridge and Overall Couple across both disciplines

A Team Line-up

Alex Marsh* & Lenka Vackova* Nejc Jus* & Pauliina Markkula* * Kanmin Xue* & Sam Gale* Kenny Yong* & Charlie Musgrave* Blaise Thomson* & Camilla Schelpe* David Tan & Dafni Metaxa Kevin Koo & Shoko Jin Hiroki Hashimoto & Deepti Morjani Ray Liu & Ellie Duncan

* Denotes half blue; * * denotes full blue

B Team Summary

2008 saw the first year of the new format Varsity B Team match: 9 couples each from Oxford and Cambridge, each composed solely of full-time students at the member university. Since OUDC exists purely to promote dancesport, there was some fear that the new rules would play into the hands of the larger OUDT squad. However, CUDT went into the match well prepared, having been actively training a larger team all year.

Indeed, the tide seemed to be going Cambridge's way right from the walk-ons, where CUDT pulled off two remarkable formation routines while Oxford failed to prepare any choreography. The match itself was no less dominated by Cambridge, as the couples in red secured a convincing victory in each of the four dance styles - waltz, quickstep, cha and jive. The result was a clear win for CUDT, with a margin of over 700 points, or around 50%.

Particular congratulations go to:

Naomi Inoue & Anna Schaup for winning best Cambridge and Overall Latin Couple
Kwok Lie & Sam o'Hara for winning best Cambridge and Overall Modern Couple
Adam Bailey & Lucy Duane for winning best Cambridge and Overall Couple across both styles

B Team Line-up

Adam Bailey & Lucy Duane Naomi Inoue & Anna Schaup Kwok Lie & Sam o.Hara Hywel Room & Caroline Smith Yuki Tokeshi & Zara Bhakri Tagbo Ilozue & Emily Green Wei Cheung & Celia St-John-Green Keir Shiels & Kadri Siff Krisada Chaiyasarn & Oly Nikiforova

IVDC 2008

Open Results Summary

The trip to Blackpool proved to be a triumphant one for CUDT. In the opens Cambridge were the only team to have finalists in all competitions. Two notable successes were Adam & Lucy winning all four beginners' competitions and Cambridge scoring a one-two-three in the Intermediate latin with Kevin & Shoko winning the trophy.

Team Match Results Summary

The team match was a very exciting affair - the A-team trophy being decided by rule 11. But, after victories in the waltz from Nejc & Pauliina and cha for Shiraz & Diane, Cambridge secured both their third IVDA A-team and third overall title in a row. Notably, Cambridge had three teams in the team match final - a tremendous feat and a superb performance by the C-team.

IVDC Overall Champions 2008 - Cambridge
IVDC A-team winners 2008 - Cambridge
IVDC C-team winners 2008 - Cambridge
IVDC D-team winners 2008 - Cambridge
IVDC Beginners' team winners 2008 - Cambridge

Team Line-up

Waltz Quickstep Cha Cha Jive
A team Nejc Jus* &
Paulliina Markkula* *
Paul Fannon &
Vesna Kadelburg
Shiraz Badurdeen* &
Diane Williams*
Alex Marsh* &
Lenka Vackova*
B team Blaise Thomson* &
Camilla Schelpe
Hiroki Hashimoto &
Mai Trinh
Naomi Inoue &
Anna Schaup
Ray Liu &
Ellie Duncan
C team Hywel Room &
Caroline Smith
Kanmin Xue &
Sam Gale
David Tan &
Dafni Metaxa
Kenny Yong* &
Jenny Harcourt
D team Yuki Tokeshi &
Zara Bhakri
James Kho &
Rachel White
Krisada Chaiyasarn &
Oly Nikiforova
Kevin Koo &
Shoko Jin

SUDC 2008

Open Results Summary

Despite not having two of their strongest couples available for the ballroom team, CUDT travelled to Bristol for SUDA 2008 with confidence. The afternoon saw success for the team in the opens with Cambridge placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th in the beginners' jive and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the beginners' cha. In addition, Cambridge had four couples in the Intermediate latin final. Individual successes included:

1st Beginners. W, QS and J - Adam & Lucy
1st Beginners. C - Kevin & Katie
1st Advanced Modern - Paul & Vesna

Team Match Results Summary

The loss of two top couples from the team match was always going to have an impact on the strength of the overall team. Despite this, CUDT won the C-team trophy and were placed 2nd in the other three. Additionally, Cambridge secured most of the individual victories in the team event:

1st team waltz - Nejc & Pauliina
1st team cha - Shiraz & Diane
1st team jive - Alex & Lenka.

Sheffield 2008

Open Results Summary

The annual Sheffield Social once again proved a triumphant day for CUDT. In the opens, Cambridge dominated, having 5 of the 6 couples recalled to the beginners. cha and jive finals and 3 of the 6 couples in the Intermediate Latin and Advanced Modern finals. Opens victories included:

1st Beginners. W, QS, C and J - Adam & Lucy
1st Novice Jive - Kanmin & Sam
1st Intermediate Latin - Kevin & Shoko
1st Advanced Latin - Alex & Lenka

Team Match Results Summary

In the team match, Cambridge triumphed in the B, C and D team matches, placing one point behind Oxford in the A-team match. Indeed, CUDT B-team finished 3rd overall (behind Cambridge & Oxford A teams) and CUDT C-team finished joint 4th overall, an amazing result. Cambridge fielded 3 of the final couples in cha and quickstep and 4 in jive, with Paul & Vesna winning the quickstep and Alex & Lenka winning the jive.

And then the knockout. The final was a match between Oxford and Cambridge. Needless to say CUDT rose to the challenge and won!

Nottingham 2007

Open Results Summary

The first comp of the season, Nottingham, was a very successful one. The opens saw success for Alex & Lenka, who won the Advanced Latin, Florian & Kadia, who won the Intermediate Modern and Kevin & Shoko, who won the Intermediate Latin. In addition, Nejc and Diane made a welcome comeback to win the ex-students samba.

Team Match Results Summary

In the team match, Cambridge triumphed in the B and C-team competitions, along with a victory in the A-team match which was shared with Oxford. Individual successes were plentiful:

Alex & Lenka winners A-team cha
Blaise & Fely winners B-team waltz
Kenny & Jenny winners B-team jive
Naomi & Anna winners C-team cha
Hwyel & Caroline winners C-team quickstep
Kevin & Shoko winners C-team jive
Yuki & Sam winners D-team waltz
David & Dafni winners D-team cha

A tremendously successful day. Well done to all and many thanks to those who came along to support.