You can join the CDC at any class, or via a member of the organising committee at other club activities such as practice sessions and team meetings. At most locations, payment is by cash or cheque only. Cheques should be made out to "Cambridge Dancers' Club".

Membership is annual and years are synchronised with the university calendar, so no matter what date you join, membership always lasts until the start of the following academic year (ie from October until the next September). The joining fee is typically reduced somewhat in later terms / seasons to allow for the shorter time remaining and some missed class styles / events.

Currently the full membership fee from Michaelmas term is £20. However, students (or anyone else on benefits) can claim a 25% early-bird discount off that, to get CDC membership for just £15, by signing up at the Freshers' Fair or at a Taster Session in Freshers week before normal classes start or at classes during the new amnesty weeks at the beginning of the academic year. For those joining us later in the year, the Lent price is £16 (to everyone); Easter is £12 (to everyone); and a Summer term (when it exists) is just £8.

To save time when you arrive at a class to register as a new member, please consider printing out a copy of the membership form (or a set of 4 for multiple people to use) in advance, so you can fill it in beforehand and simply hand this to the person on door duty together with payment to get your membership card.


Class fees are payable on the door of each class you attend - ideally in cash (though we can also still take cheques). We don't normally charge for a whole course of classes in advance but let people switch around somewhat if they can't always get to the same class each week.

NB With ballroom and latin (and dancesport beginners), if you do have to miss your usual class one week then it's better to try and attend another of the same level on a different day to avoid getting left behind. It's also much harder to catch up in ballroom and latin if you don't join at the start of a term or have to drop out unexpectedly. But there will be another opportunity to start afresh the next term.

Class prices are currently:

Members (classes up to 1 hour)£4
Members (classes over 1 hour)£6
Non-member surcharge£3

Under our Dance Diversity scheme, club members also get one class in each of our dance styles (Ballroom and Latin American, DanceSport, Salsa and Rock 'n' Roll) included in their membership fee for free. In other words, your first class after joining is always free and, if you want to try a different dance style, you get your first class in other styles free too. You will see the list of options on your membership card.

This makes CDC membership exceptionally good value for a whole week's entertainment at the start of a term. After that, most people pick just one or two classes a week to attend and keep learning whichever style(s) they liked best.

Class prices are even cheaper for anyone who is willing to give up some of their time to help out regularly as a committee volunteer on class door-duties.


Practice fees are usually paid up-front on a per-term basis; but this can include signing up at the door of the first session you attend or making arrangements to pay through the Cambridge University DanceSport Team accounts.

Due to a big hire cost increase at our main practice venue (as of September 2017), a DanceSport Practice Subscription will now typically be £30 per normal term for club *members* but that gives you access to any or all of the normal CDC-run sessions that term (with a top-up fee for extending your subscription into the holiday period). Practising does work best if you do it regularly! However, club members can alternatively attend a single session for just £5.

Note that our practice sessions are restricted to members only because the whole club subsidises practices somewhat and we also need people to register and agree to the health and safety policy for insurance purposes.

There can be a slight variability in block price because of the differing length of terms, number of practices laid on per week and expected number of attendees. Eg Lent may be slightly longer than Michaelmas whereas Easter is a lot shorter. Meanwhile, Summer is longer again but sparser in both practices and attendees. Please check the homepage for each new term's subscription rate.


Event prices vary significantly, but typically smaller socials and local competitions cost around the £5 mark, workshops with guest teachers around £10-20, and big socials such as end of term events around £20-30.

For some events, such as balls, there may be an online method of booking and payment. Otherwise, for a ticketed event, bring cash or cheques to any normal class in the weeks beforehand to purchase a ticket (especially if you need to book transport). It may also be possible to pay on the door at the event itself.

Competitive training

Unfortunately, training hard in a competitive dance style isn't cheap. For those styles where private lessons are available (in addition to any group class or practice sessions you might be attending), a couple can expect to pay anywhere from £20 to £40 or more for less than an hour, depending on the teacher and venue in use. You can check the exact prices when making bookings for these activities through the team.

Obviously there are also expenses incurred in buying costumes and shoes, and in travelling to and entering the competitions themselves. If you reach this level, it's often a good idea to ask some more experienced dancers for advice.

Membership Benefits

Membership of CDC conveys several benefits, including:

  • Free first class after you join;
  • Cheaper prices for all subsequent classes;
  • Free General Dancing sessions on Fridays;
  • Cheaper prices or exclusive access to some club events;
  • Access to members-only competitive training opportunities;
  • Occasional discounts for CDC members at some shops and on-line stores (announced on the home page when they arise).

CDC has around 800 members per year on average, the majority connected with Cambridge University but including several hundred locals as well. For more about who joins CDC, please see the general information about the club.