Cambridge Dancers' Club

We're students & residents who like to dance together! Our competitive teams are CUDT & CURnR but we also have regular social dancing events. Eg General Dancing on Friday is free to attend.

To join us: turn up at a class, fill in a registration form, pay the relevant fee, receive your membership card for the academic year and start dancing. NB The membership card includes some free class boxes to use but after that there's a per-class fee once you've had a chance to try the different styles and select the one(s) you like.

Coming Up

Lent 2024 term

Our Lent term of classes will run for 9 weeks from Monday 15th January to Friday 15th March.

Youlie's plans for the Tuesdays of the term are:
• 27 Feb. = salsa + kizomba; tango de salon + vals
• 05 Mar. = salsa + mambo; tango de salon + milonga
• 12 Mar. = salsa reprise; argentine tango reprise

Kath's plans for the Wednesdays of the term are:
• 28 Feb. = quickstep for beginners; quickstep workshop
• 06 Mar. = no separate beginners; jive workshop from 7:30pm
• 13 Mar. = waltz for beginners; waltz workshop

Youlie's plans for the Thursdays of the term are:
• 29 Feb. = waltz + Viennese; samba for improvers
• 07 Mar. = jive for beginners; tango for improvers
• 14 Mar. = beginners reprise; improvers reprise

Social Dancing Crash Course

On Fridays at 6pm, Kath will be teaching enough of 2 or 3 dance styles to complete beginners or insecure improvers to get them involved in the General Dancing session which follows (from 7pm). She'll have the discretion to let some GD regulars act as ringers or taxi dancers for free so that attendees can meet people who they'll be safe to dance with later on. But there should also still be some space for people doing their own practice. Just remember that it's a game of dodgems and not bumper-cars.


At 7pm on Friday 8th March, we'll be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting for the purpose of electing a new "junior" treasurer for the club. Eligibility for voting is the full CDC membership, not merely committee or executive. The meeting will be primarily over Zoom but hopefully connected with an in-person contingent in the MDH of the grad.pad (between the end of the class and the start of GD).

Cuppers competition

Cuppers will be held on Sunday 10th March from 5:30pm to 8pm in the Multi-purpose Room of the university sports centre.

External Competitions

Saturday 6th January 2024 = Champions of Tomorrow (B+L) in Blackpool
Sunday 21st January 2024 = UEA Friendly
Saturday 27th January 2024 = Birmingham Friendly
Saturday 10th February 2024 = SUDC at Medway Park in Kent
Saturday 24th February 2024 = IVDC in Blackpool
Sunday 10th March 2024 = Cuppers in Cambridge uni sport MR from 5:30pm
Saturday 16th March 2024 = Sheffield Friendly

Tea Dances with Wanda

Wanda is running some more Sunday afternoon tea dances. The dates for these will be the second Sunday of each month (which means the first one on 10th March conflicts with Cuppers!). The time is 4:30pm to 6:30pm. The location is St Andrew's Hall, St Andrew's Rd, Cambridge CB4 1DH. Dress code: smart casual. The price, which includes 1 free raffle ticket, is £6 on the door. Email Wanda or join the chat group for more information.

Easter 2024 term

Our Easter term of classes will mostly run for 8 weeks from Monday 22nd April to Friday 14th June. There might be some pre-term events but some items might only run for half the term.

Classes and Practices


Most competitive dancers need to attend a matched pair of dancesport classes per week (ballroom & latin specialisms or RnR footwork & acrobatics). Whereas social dancers are more likely to attend just one regular weekly class in their chosen style(s).

You don't need to have your own partner to join our classes; although many people do have one or more preferred dance partners by the time they've left beginners and improvers and reached the intermediates or advanced levels. Similarly, you don't need specialist clothes or shoes when you start learning to dance.

Read more about classes.


Practising away from taught classes is the way to get better faster. It's also the end goal of social dancing, whereas dancesport dancers have competitions.

Our regular social dance practice is called General Dancing and is free to attend, even for non-club members. We try to run it on as many Friday evenings as possible. This is the place to bring visiting friends & family, including children. It's not a formal event, like a ball, so there's no need to dress up.

Our dancesport practice sessions are really only suitable for advanced dancers to train and require club membership & termly subscription fees (or per session fee) to attend. If you attend practices at Kelsey Kerridge, you'll also need to pay KK's own day/membership fee.

See the ongoing practice list.


We're still holding occasional tea dances but no big ball dates have been planned yet.

Private Lessons

The CDC as a whole does not arrange private lessons for people. Those teachers who are willing to have their details made public are included on our links page (and if you attend regular CDC classes you may approach the teachers there too). However, if you are already on the DanceSport teams or are hoping to be selected, you may be able to arrange for a private lesson with one of the team coaches. Contact the CUDT Secretary to book a specific time slot. Non-team people should contact the new CDC competitive group to find out if there are any spare private lesson slots available with the coaches.

Promotions and Contacts

CDC T-shirts

The competitive teams have their own "stash" items but we are now able to offer CDC logo T-shirts again. The price is £8 each. The sizes range from adult small to extra-large (with most women being small or medium and most men being medium upwards). The new batch have red print on a black T-shirt and include some which are printed on the back instead for people who want to wear them while partner dancing; but we do also have a few other colour combinations left from the previous batch. See a committee member or email to arrange to purchase one.

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