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2014 Summer Holiday Classes

Our summer timetable will be active from 28th June to 22nd August. It is not as full as for a normal academic term but there is still a choice of styles and something to do on as many weekday evenings (and weekend afternoons) as possible.

If you are not already a CDC member but are planning to join us, you can print out and complete a membership form in advance of attending classes (and hence avoid any long queues). See our membership and class fees. It also helps if you check beforehand that you know where to go for the class.

Monday (except 7th July Tour-de-France day): from 7pm to 8:30pm in St.C's, Clive will be teaching a mixture of the less commonly covered Ballroom and Latin dances, including alternative related styles and some sequence or party dances. This class is suitable for both improvers and intermediates. As a slightly longer class, the member price for this one is £4.

Tuesday (8th July and 12th August only): from 7:30pm to 10pm in St.C's, Stefan will be teaching a RnR class followed by RnR social dancing.

Wednesday (first 4 in July only): Sacha will be teaching Cuban Salsa as usual in St.C's - viz 7:30pm beginners, a social dancing gap and then 9pm improvers.

Thursday (except 24th July): Russell will be teaching a full set of Ballroom and Latin classes in St.C's - from complete beginners at 6pm to more advanced intermediates at 9pm.

Friday (first 4 in August only): Siru and Cristos (of Salsa Kulta) will be teaching Cross-body Salsa (and possibly Bachata if asked!) at the beginners (6:30pm) and improvers (7:30pm) level. This will all be in St.C's Gibson hall rather than their main hall.

Also on Fridays: our free General Dancing session continues as usual throughout the holidays, from 8:30pm to 10:30pm at the University Centre (grad.pad) off Mill Lane. Beginners are very welcome, especially in the early part of the evening, if they want to practise what they've learned in classes and perhaps learn a few more figures from the regular attendees. You don't need to bring a partner. There is nearly always someone else around who will help you and/or dance with you.

Saturday (afternoon): there will be DanceSport practice sessions out at the new University Sports Centre in their multipurpose room. Preference will be given to ballroom dancing from 1pm to 2pm, when we have the whole room. Preference will be given to latin dancing from 2pm to 3pm, when we have just studio 1. It is hoped that RnR and salsa dancers will also be able to practise during the latin half (or indeed in the whole slot if no-one else turns up on a particular Saturday!). Subscription is £10 for access to the whole term of practices and is payable to any committee member at classes, practices or GD. This opportunity is not limited to team members but available to all CDC members. However, these practices are not classes. So you will need to have your own partner and/or routine to practise.

Sunday (afternoon): there will be DanceSport workshops run by the CUDT from 2pm to 5pm at Homerton (except for 20th July in the Palmerston Room at St John's College). These sessions are also open to CUDT alumni and CDC members. The initial fee is set at £5 per person per workshop but this may be reduced if attendance is high. There will be a mixture of teaching from a team coach, open practice time and some fitness work. Since the emphasis is on core skills, many of which can be practised individually, you don't need to have a partner to attend.

Tea Dance

On Saturday 19th July we will be holding a Tea Dance from 3pm to 5pm in the upper hall of the Stoneyard Centre. The fee payable on the door upstairs is only £2 per person. Actual tea is not included in this price but will be available for purchase from the venue's own cafe downstairs - which is open until 4pm.

We will be playing CDs rather than hiring a live band. The selection will mostly be standard ballroom and latin dances with only a few sequence / party dances or salsa if requested.

The dress code for a tea dance is "smart casual". No need for a ball gown or dinner jacket. As with our other socials, you also don't need to bring a partner.

Medals Tests

The 2014 tests took place on Sunday 27th April 2014. The score sheets, certificates and medal plaques are available for collection at St.Columba's.

If you would like to try for a dance qualification and are not already attending Clive's classes, check the example medal routines on the Revision Notes page to see which figures you know and what medal level you might be able to take.

CDC T-shirts

We still have some club T-shirts for sale - at £10 each. See a committee member (ideally at St.Columba's) to purchase one.

Mailing Lists

If you don't want to join the CDC at the moment but do want to receive emailed announcements of our events during the year, you can subscribe yourself to our mailing list for interested non-members (by clicking on that link). You will then have to reply to the confirmation email you receive.


See our links page for other dance groups (with their own classes and events) and suppliers of dance equipment etc.

Non-CDC activities in the immediate space-time vicinity include:

  • Cambridge Cuban Salsa is operating the Thursday Salsa Social Club and the Sunday Salsa Lounge.
  • Ceroc on Monday evenings at the University Sports & Social Club on Mill Lane.
  • The LindyHoppers have classes and social events on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
  • There will be a Guildhall Tea Dance on Wednesday 17th September from 1pm to 4pm.
  • Tea Dances of a similar nature occur regularly in many villages around Cambridge (eg out at Prickwillow). The next Cherry Hinton one is Thursday 4th September from 1:30pm to 4pm in the Village Centre.
  • There's a jitterbug and swing concert and dance demonstration at 7:30pm on Saturday 19th July out at Saffron Hall.

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