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Attitude Dancewear is moving a little further out from the centre of Cambridge - from its current location at 25 Hills Road CB2 1NW (near the railway station) to Level 1, 182 Histon Road CB4 3JP (ie Arbury). During the move, between 17th and 31st July, neither physical shop will be open but you will still be able to place orders online.


EU nationals make up a significant proportion of the CDC's teaching staff and students. So our club will probably be negatively affected directly by Brexit. Politicians (on *both* sides of the argument) were making some outrageously false statements in the run-up to the referendum vote in the full expectation of never being held properly accountable. Meanwhile, the racially-motivated hatred behind some of the Brexit campaigning and voting has stirred up racially-based attacks even in the Cambridge area (because certain people feel their abhorrent and regressive views have now been validated and made publicly acceptable again). This also very much affects the community of which the CDC is an active part.

If these issues concern you enough to do more than merely protest the current state of politics, and perhaps put some of your money where your mouth is, there's a crowd-funded project which intends to do something more practical about bringing lawsuits against those responsible for the various pieces of dishonest and objectionable campaigning. The focus is *not* necessarily on reversing the referendum decision, nor attacking any single party, but on reforming future political behaviour by imposing realistic consequences on dishonest and overtly racist politicians - pour discourager les autres.

*No* club funds have been committed to this venture. We leave it entirely to the conscience and discretion of individual members whether or not they wish to become involved and contribute. But the CDC has always aimed to be as inclusive and tolerant as possible; and we would like to express our continuing support for our diverse population of teachers and members.


We are now mostly out of term-time for the summer holidays (school as well as academic). As a result, only a few things continue on our timetable. Our full range of options will return in October for Michaelmas Term.

The Tuesday dancesport session is *not* limited to just CUDT and other competing members but attendees should already know what they want to practise since no tuition is provided. For the summer holidays we are using part of the main hall out at the University Sports Centre.

There is just one more set of Russell's Thursday ballroom and latin classes, from 6pm to 10pm on Thursday 28th July.

Friday General Dancing is for anyone and everyone to meet up and practise dancing together socially. It's completely free to attend. You don't even need CDC membership. This item continues throughout the year.

Saturday afternoon ballroom and latin beginners class, from 4pm in the Main Dining Hall of the University Centre, is for complete beginners in the standard dances covered by the club. Since the class is a small one, new beginners are still welcome. The improvers level class which follows that will recap whichever routines and figures from other classes (eg Paul's, Russell's and Clive's) the attendees want to cover. Check the revision notes for anything you might have missed.

There will be a special RnR crash course on Saturday August 13th from 4pm to 7pm.

RnR Crash Course

On Saturday 13th August from 4pm to 7pm our rock'n'roll teachers, Guido and Cristina, will be teaching another special RnR crash course in the Main Dining Hall of the University Centre (grad.pad). If you've never danced this style before you should arrive promptly for 4pm as the first hour will be aimed at complete beginners. After that the level of difficulty will gradually increase through the afternoon (improvers) into the evening (intermediates). A single class is £4 (or a free slot on your CDC membership card), while 2 classes in a row are £6. Or try the whole marathon of 3 hours for just £10 even for non-members.

General Dancing

Our General Dancing sessions on Friday evenings, from 8:30pm to 10:30pm in the Main Dining Hall of the University Centre (grad.pad), are intended to be for everyone to practise together in a friendly social environment. It's completely free to attend GD, whether you want to dance or merely to watch. You don't need a fixed practice partner and you don't need CDC membership either. Eg some ex-members return from time to time and people also bring visitors and family along.

There's usually no official tuition at these social events but there are typically several experienced dancers around who are willing to show beginners (or improvers) a few steps - though obviously you'll gain more benefit by attending proper classes too! You can try dancing with different people during the evening or stick with your one special partner as you wish. So do come along and introduce yourself to the regulars.

During term-time, the first half hour will concentrate on beginners dances (pairs of waltz, quickstep, cha-cha and jive tracks with some rumba and social foxtrot) to allow this year's new intake to start to integrate fully in the social side of the club and/or practise their routines outside the class situation. But GD continues outside academic term times into the holidays - apart from national holidays (when the building itself is closed).

Dance Practice Sessions

These practices are for people who already know what they want to practise as there is no formal dance tuition provided. You do not have to be on the team or even a CDC member to attend these sessions but you do have to agree to be bound by the club's health and safety rules (see Filip).

The subscription price for the remainder of the summer is £10. Or you may pay a singleton £5 price per practice if you prefer (eg if you have dancing friends just visiting Cambridge once).

Music will be played as appropriate during the sessions - typically favouring latin american in the smaller venues and modern ballroom in the larger ones. That doesn't mean you can't practise different dances at a particular session. You just need to be considerate of other users of the space. Any RnR (or salsa!) people attending a public practice may prefer to bring their own tracks and co-ordinate with Filip for these to be played when they want a complete run-through of a dance.

Ballroom and Latin dancers can also practise at Friday evening's free General Dancing session, from 8:30pm to 10:30pm in the Main Dining Hall of the University Centre (grad.pad) off Mill Lane. Our GD sessions continue even outside term time - apart from bank holidays etc when the whole building is closed! You do not need CDC membership to attend GD, whether you want to dance or merely to watch. There's no official tuition at these social events but there are usually some experienced dancers around who are willing to show beginners a few steps. So do come along and introduce yourself to the regulars.

If you want a special dance played at GD which we don't normally include on a regular basis, eg RnR or salsa or paso doble or one of the sequence/party dances, then just ask. To get a particular track version, though, you may need to bring your own CD or MP3 device.

Private Lessons

The CDC as a whole does not arrange private lessons for people. Those teachers who are willing to have their details made public are included on our links page. However, if you are already on the DanceSport teams or are hoping to be selected, you may be able to arrange for a private lesson with one of the team coaches. Contact the CUDT Secretary to book a specific time slot. Non-team people should contact the new CDC competitive group.

CDC Committee

If you regularly attend more than one class per week and are committed to dancing, you might want to consider joining the CDC committee. Email the club or ask any door-duty person what this involves. We really do need your help to run the club and there are a few perks, such as cheaper classes, too.


Dancing is not just for older people. If you're a student in the Cambridge area who might be eligible to compete for Cambridge, or if you'd simply like to try the competitive side of dancing for fun, then come along to our DanceSport classes. If you were a beginner in the past competition year (ending with IVDC), then you should attend the intermediates class this term and/or continue with team sessions and private lessons.

If you're a student and have not had lessons in ballroom and latin before, then you can join the Cambridge University Beginners' DanceSport Team. The main contest period runs from Michaelmas to the end of Lent, so anyone starting in the Easter or Summer terms would be in the next year's team. Note that, for dancesport purposes, Anglia Ruskin students count as Cambridge students. If you're interested in competing but have other questions about eligibility etc then contact the CUDT Beginners' Captain at

If you're a student but not a beginner then you can trial for the Cambridge University DanceSport Team - by far the most successful university team in the country last year! The main auditions are at the start of the Michaelmas term for places on several teams. For more information, please contact the CUDT Captain(s) at

The CDC also has members competing very successfully on the open circuit (in which non-students may compete). To learn about competitive opportunities for non-students, including out-of-term practice spaces or to seek a partner, please join the "CDC Competes on the Open Circuit" Facebook group. For more information contact our club Secretary, Fil, at

Competitive Rock'n'Roll

Anyone is welcome to join the Cambridge University Rock'n'Roll Team. For more information contact the CURnR Captains, Asia and Geoff, at

CDC 2015-6 AGM

The CDC's Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 4th June (at approx 9pm in the Main Dining Hall of the University Centre). Minutes will be available soon.

Varsity Competition 2015-16

This academic year's Varsity DanceSport competition against Oxford was held on Saturday 14th May 2016 at the Iffley Road Sports Centre, OX4 1EQ. Cambridge University was victorious once again. Congratulations CUDT!

Cuppers Competition

Cuppers 2015-6 was fairly decisively won by the Trinity A team. Many thanks to our judges and scrutineer team.

Mailing Lists

If you don't want to join the CDC at the moment but do want to receive emailed announcements of our events during the year, you can subscribe yourself to our mailing list for interested non-members (by clicking on that link). You will then have to reply to the confirmation email you receive.

If you want to unsubscribe from our lists you *must* use the exact form of your email address which you originally used to subscribe to them, not some forwarded or modified version (eg gmail is not the same as googlemail and academic sub-department addresses are not the same as generic ones). Our system can only recognise automatically the information you gave it. If you no longer have access to your originally specified email address then you'll need to request a manual removal.


See our links page for other dance groups (with their own classes and events), private teachers and suppliers of dance equipment etc.

Non-CDC activities in the immediate space-time vicinity include:

  • Ceroc is on Monday evenings at the University Sports & Social Club on Mill Lane.
  • The LindyHoppers have classes and social events on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
  • CamTango now run Argentine Tango classes at St.C's (Gibson Hall) on Wednesdays.
  • Cambridge Cuban Salsa is operating the Thursday Salsa Social Club and the Sunday Salsa Lounge.
  • Wolfson college has cross-body salsa on Thursdays and Argentine Tango on Saturdays.
  • There is more cross-body salsa on Mondays at St.Paul's, Wednesdays & Fridays at the USC and Thursdays at OLEM Parish Centre.
  • There is English, Scottish, Irish and American folk/country dancing in town plus morris and molly dancing.
  • The next Tea Dance at the Guildhall will be on Wednesday 21st September from 1pm to 4pm. This features a mixture of standard ballroom and latin dances and sequence dancing.
  • Tea Dances of a similar nature occur regularly in many villages around Cambridge (eg out at Prickwillow). The next Cherry Hinton one is Thursday 15th September from 1:30pm to 4pm in the Village Centre.
  • More local dance events can be found via meetup.

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