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In-college dance team demonstrations have started. Check your JCR or MCR committees to see if and when we'll be there or lobby them if you want them to invite us. Otherwise we'll see you in the public spaces at the Cambridge University Freshers' Fair (we'll be in the marquee on Parkers Piece) and then at our free public taster sessions (Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th).

If you are at a different Cambridge college or institution and want the CDC / CUDT / CURnR to come and demo for you too, then do contact us to make it happen. We already take students from Anglia Ruskin; and even some students at Cambridge Regional College or Hills Road Sixth Form might be eligible to join in dancesport activities.

CDC membership for the 2015-6 academic year will be available from at most of the freshers' week events and this Friday's General Dancing at the special early-bird price of £15 for students (or anyone on benefits); and, thereafter, at normal classes at the regular price.


We are currently outside term time. Only our free General Dancing sessions continue as normal on Friday evenings, from 8:30pm to 10:30pm, in the Main Dining Hall of the University Centre (grad.pad) off Mill Lane, near the river. This is mostly for ballroom and latin dancing but people may request other styles too (eg salsa, RnR, sequence / party dances).

If you are interested in attending dance classes with us, the Michaelmas 2015 term will start on Monday October 12th. The timetable is up on the website now (clear your browser cache and refresh the page if you can't see it). Make sure you also check our venue list and pricing structure so you know where to go, when to get there and what to bring. If you turn up in the wrong week or on the wrong day or at the wrong venue, then you will be disappointed to find that the class isn't there! It also helps if you remember to bring the right money with you and, once you have one, your membership card for the year (eg to claim your free classes). You might want to print out and complete a membership registration form in advance to bring with you and save a bit of time in the queue at the class itself.

For ballroom and latin classes, if you don't manage to start classes in the first couple of weeks of term then it's better to wait until the next term and the new batch of complete beginners classes. It becomes far too hard for most people to catch up after week 3 or 4. However, if you do have to miss your usual weekly beginners B+L class then you can often attend an equivalent level class on a different evening to avoid falling too far behind everyone else. (Some people regularly attend more than one class a week in order to learn faster and dancesport competitors need to attend both of their separate ballroom and latin classes.)

There's considerably more flexibility about joining our rock'n'roll and salsa classes. But note that one of our salsa styles (cross-body) won't be re-starting until Lent term anyway because our teachers are busy on a training course this term.

To try out our dance styles for free, please come to our beginners' Taster Sessions in Freshers' Week. Everyone is welcome, not just students, and there's no need to bring a partner.

Michaelmas 2015 Term Outline

Week 0 (Sunday Oct.4 to Saturday Oct.10), ie pre-term events:
Tue. Oct.6 - Cambridge University Freshers' Fair (in the marquee)
Wed. Oct.7 - Cambridge University Freshers' Fair (in the marquee)
Thu. Oct.8 - 8:30pm free taster session in St.Columba's hall
Fri. Oct.9 - 8:30pm free taster session in the University Centre Main Dining Hall
Sat. Oct.10 - 10am CUDT team trials in St.Matthew's School
Sat. Oct.10 - 4pm free taster sessions in St.Columba's halls
Sun. Oct.11 - 5:30pm CURnR taster at the University Sports Centre

Week 1 (Sunday Oct.11 to Saturday Oct.17), first week of normal classes:
Thu. Oct.15 - DS Practice in Hills Road 6th, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Fri. Oct.16 - 8:30pm free mini-class at GD = Stroller Cha-Cha

Week 2 (Sunday Oct.18 to Saturday Oct.24):
Fri. Oct.23 - 8:30pm free mini-class at GD = White City Waltz

Week 3 (Sunday Oct.25 to Saturday Oct.31), school half-term holiday disruption:
Mon. Oct.26 - Paul's classes will be in the Stoneyard Centre
Tue. Oct.27 - DS-Ballroom Practice + RnR class in Hills Road 6th
Wed. Oct.28 - Paul's classes will be in the Stoneyard Centre
Thu. Oct.29 - DS Practice in Hills Road 6th, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Fri. Oct.30 - Paul's classes will be in the Stoneyard Centre
Fri. Oct.30 - 8:30pm free mini-class at GD = Beat Barn Dance
Fri. Oct.30 - extreme danger of halloween music at General Dancing

Week 4 (Sunday Nov.1 to Saturday Nov.7):
Wed. Nov.4 - Paul's classes will be in the Stoneyard Centre
Fri. Nov.6 - 8:30pm free mini-class at GD = Gay Gordons

Week 5 (Sunday Nov.8 to Saturday Nov.14):
Fri. Nov.13 - 8:30pm free mini-class at GD = Lindy Hop (to The Charleston)
Fri. Nov.13 - all the "wrong" dances at General Dancing
Sat. Nov.14 - Old Team New Team DanceSport competition (ie Reunion Match)

Week 6 (Sunday Nov.15 to Saturday Nov.21):
Fri. Nov.20 - 8:30pm free mini-class at GD = Mayfair Quickstep

Week 7 (Sunday Nov.22 to Saturday Nov.28):
Sun. Nov.22 - Warwick DanceSport competition
Fri. Nov.27 - 8:30pm free mini-class at GD = Sindy Swing

Week 8 (Sunday Nov.29 to Saturday Dec.5), last week of normal classes:
Sun. Nov.29 - Nottingham DanceSport competition
Thu. Dec.3 - CDC winter ball at Burgess Hall in St.Ives
Fri. Dec.4 - no General Dancing because the grad.pad has an event
Sat. Dec.5 - free RnR social (like General Dancing but with more RnR!)

Week 9 (Sunday Dec.6 to Saturday Dec.12), no normal classes:
some chance of further DS practices (to be arranged)
Fri. Dec.11 - extreme danger of xmas music at General Dancing

Revision Notes

Revision notes are available for a few of our classes. This page also includes some examples of music suitable for the various dance styles, so that you can practise away from classes. There are even lists of tracks commonly played at GD (eg for when you're trying to find something you heard there).

Dance Practice Sessions

These practices are for people who already know what they want to practise as there is no formal dance tuition provided. You do not have to be on the team or even a CDC member to attend these sessions but you do have to agree to be bound by the club's health and safety rules (see Filip).

The subscription price for the Michaelmas term is £15. Or you may pay a singleton £5 price per practice if you prefer. There will be regular Tuesday and Thursday evening practices throughout term and possibly a few extra ones at the end of term or on other weekdays.

Music will be played as appropriate during the sessions, typically latin american for the first hour then modern ballroom. Any RnR (or salsa!) people attending may prefer to bring their own tracks and co-ordinate with Filip for these to be played when they want a complete run-through of a dance.

Ballroom and Latin dancers can also practise at Friday evening's free General Dancing session, from 8:30pm to 10:30pm in the Main Dining Hall of the University Centre (grad.pad) off Mill Lane. Our GD sessions continue even outside term time - apart from bank holidays etc when the whole building is closed! You do not need CDC membership to attend GD, whether you want to dance or merely to watch. There's no official tuition at these social events but there are usually some experienced dancers around who are willing to show beginners a few steps. So do come along and introduce yourself to the regulars.

If you want a special dance played which we don't normally include on a regular basis, eg RnR or salsa or paso doble or one of the sequence/party dances, then just ask. Though, to get a particular track, you may need to bring your own CD or MP3 player.

Private Lessons

The CDC as a whole does not arrange private lessons for people. Those teachers who are willing to have their details made public are included on our links page. However, if you are already on the DanceSport teams or are hoping to be selected, you may be able to arrange for a private lesson with one of the team coaches. Contact the CUDT Secretary to book a specific time slot. Non-team people should contact the new CDC competitive group.

CDC Committee

If you regularly attend more than one class per week and are committed to dancing, you might want to consider joining the CDC committee. Email the club or ask any door-duty person what this involves. We really do need your help to run the club and there are a few perks, such as cheaper classes, too.


Dancing is not just for older people. If you're a student in the Cambridge area who might be eligible to compete for Cambridge, or if you'd simply like to try the competitive side of dancing for fun, then come along to our DanceSport classes. If you were a beginner in the past competition year (ending with IVDC), then you should attend the intermediates class this term and/or continue with team sessions and private lessons.

If you're a student and have not had lessons in ballroom and latin before 1st March 2015, then you can join the Cambridge University Beginners' DanceSport Team. Note that, for dancesport purposes, Anglia Ruskin students count as Cambridge students. If you're interested but have other questions about eligibility etc then contact the CUDT Beginners' Captains, Rachel and Jon, at

If you're a student but not a beginner then you can trial for the Cambridge University DanceSport Team - by far the most successful university team in the country last year! The CUDT Trials are on Saturday 10th October at St Matthew's School from 10am. For more information, please contact CUDT Captain Kien and Vice Captain Chi-Hé at

The CDC also has members competing very successfully on the open circuit (in which non-students may compete). To learn about competitive opportunities for non-students, including out-of-term practice spaces or to seek a partner, please join the "CDC Competes on the Open Circuit" Facebook group For more information contact our Secretary Fil at

Competitive Rock'n'Roll

Anyone is welcome to join the Cambridge University Rock'n'Roll Team. For more information contact the CURnR Captains, Asia and Geoff, at or come along to the coached practice sessions at 5:30pm on Sunday 11th October and Wednesday 14th October in Studio 2 of the Multipurpose Room at the University Sports Centre.

Future Ball Dates

Winter (Michaelmas) 2015 = Thursday 3rd December at the Burgess Hall in St Ives
Spring (Lent Term) 2016 = Friday 4th March

Mailing Lists

If you don't want to join the CDC at the moment but do want to receive emailed announcements of our events during the year, you can subscribe yourself to our mailing list for interested non-members (by clicking on that link). You will then have to reply to the confirmation email you receive.


Clive Hurt is running a ballroom masterclass (in foxtrot and tango) on Saturday 7th November at Bottisham Village College. Note that this is for couples only, not singletons. Silver medallists, those attending CDC social intermediates classes or novice dancesport competitors would probably find the intermediate level suitable. People who already have their gold medal or who have been competing for a couple of years would be at the advanced level. Spaces are limited, so you must book in advance.

See our links page for other dance groups (with their own classes and events), private teachers and suppliers of dance equipment etc.

Non-CDC activities in the immediate space-time vicinity include:

  • Ceroc is on Monday evenings at the University Sports & Social Club on Mill Lane.
  • The LindyHoppers have classes and social events on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
  • CamTango now run Argentine Tango classes at St.C's (Gibson Hall) on Wednesdays.
  • Cambridge Cuban Salsa is operating the Thursday Salsa Social Club and the Sunday Salsa Lounge.
  • There is both English and Scottish country dancing in town.
  • There will be a Tea Dance at the Guildhall on Friday 23rd October from 1pm to 4pm.
  • Tea Dances of a similar nature occur regularly in many villages around Cambridge (eg out at Prickwillow). The next Cherry Hinton one is Thursday 1st October from 1:30pm to 4pm in the Village Centre.

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